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About VIP Members

As some of you may have noticed the forum has been flooded with rubbish posts, mainly from members who didn't have 25 posts yet, in order to be able to access the forum during busy server times. In order to avoid this we have introduced a new member level called "VIP member". VIP members are active members posting clips and contributing to the forum in a positive way.

VIP Members will be hand-picked, that means that it makes no sense to flood the forum with rubbish and one-liners like "Thank you" and "I love you".

It's quality that matters.

If we notice that a new member actively participates in the forum, makes good and constructive posts or offers self-made clips he will be given "VIP Member" status.

What's a VIP Member?

The advantage of VIP members (marked green) is that they have access to the forum anytime, also when the server is too busy because of too much traffic.