Milli wasted on SexySat1, latenight frustration

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20.09.2007, 20:33

Milli wasted on SexySat1, latenight frustration

Because the lame new sleeping-pill model who still doesn't show her pussy and Janette on SexySta 2/3 Milli was just doing censored SexySat 1 afternoon shows the last 2 days. A total waste of this super-pretty girl.

At night the usual crap: yesterday unattractive girls like Roxy, Lucy and Tina. The days before Yvonne had to 5(!) nightshows in a row because the lack of girls.

Today I noticed that another no-show girl - Lory (=Princessin) has returned. But there's at least a little hope that FAThina has left SexySat: she didn't do any shows for the last 2 weeks. And no sign that SexySat puts any effort in aquiring new attractive girls.

Do who can we expect tonight? Roxy again? Lame duck Ingrid. Crappy Sue? Or sleeping pill Tina?

21.09.2007, 22:36

Re: Milli wasted on SexySat1, latenight frustration

The crap-lineup tonight:

- Horror non-model Lori (why the hell she's back?)
- Lucy - unattractive
- Nikita - she's ok and hot

21.09.2007, 16:57

Re: Milli wasted on SexySat1, latenight frustration

I remember Ingrid's first shows, she was actually doing a few rather hard shows (does anyone else remember that?), it seems shortly after she must have been told to tone it down(?), now she is not very exciting, I agree.
As for Roxy, I actually like her because she usually seems happy, she smiles a lot and I think she can be a rather sexy dancer sometimes.
Milli is a very atractive girl...but she is rather tame now, she could do a lot better...most girls could...but it is probably both a motivation problem and a management problem.
As usual the technical problems make at least SS2 basically unwatchable! Wonder if they will ever correct their technical issues and raise the quality?

21.09.2007, 13:20

Re: Milli wasted on SexySat1, latenight frustration

Going on in this way maybe soon we'll see on ssat night-program Alex Dreika by person doing something for us....
I must say that now a day ssat is the best sleeping-program that an European sky-television can put on...
The "New- model" is studying to be soon a nun...
Other news we don't have for "new entryes"... we have only to hope for
"old-exit" like FATH-ina (not the one who must thin to renunce...)

20.09.2007, 23:02

Re: Milli wasted on SexySat1, latenight frustration

So we got tonight:s horror lineup:

- Aphrodia
- Roxy (2nd late show in a row)
- Tina (2nd late show in a row)

Plus technical problems on SexySat 4 which is broadcasting the sound from SS1 and the picture from SS3. Loooool Mr. Dreika! Well done again.
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