Official news from Franck ( SexySat )

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04.05.2015, 17:07

Official news from Franck ( SexySat )

Hello members,

this is an official statement from Franck ( SexySat ):

"SexySat is back on a VideoBitRate with 1,0 Mb on Astra 19°east !"

"If they cannot earn enough money they need to reduce the VideoBitRate back to 700k."

I´ve been in touch with Franck for some weeks via e-mail and we have a very nice discussion about SexySat.
We´ve talked about my concerns about the layout and the models and he promised to work on all this .

Let´s see what will happen in the near future.

Very best regards


04.05.2015, 19:02

Re: Official news from Franck ( SexySat )

Oh great so that means in 10 Years we have a Picturequality on Sexysat that looks like 2015 but who cares. They must much more to bring to make that Channel watchable for me again.

04.05.2015, 18:42

Re: Official news from Franck ( SexySat )

I don't see what is the point of a higher bit rate when half of the time all you see is thisThumb down
[Verstecktes Bild - Registrierung notwendig]
As if there were not enough numbers on the screen already, now the girls also hold a big piece of paper with more numbers, to make things clearerConfused, just in case you were mildly confused.
The solution is simple and right in front of his nose, but somehow he has ignored it and kept on with what he thinks is best and clearly is not.
So if he keeps complaining they are not earning enough, I am afraid I won't have any more sympathy for this channel, not when all the constructive criticism from past years has fallen on deaf ears.

Also it is very sad to see that there is no research on what countries bring the most revenue. The focus seems to be on Germany, Iran and Brasil for some reason.
Clearly there are people in Uk and Italy that are willing to call, and very likely they are many more than those from Iran or Brazil.

04.05.2015, 17:45

Re: Official news from Franck ( SexySat )

Dear friend,
I am expecting just that thread to ask Fank (because they are years that I follow this broadcast) to return to Amanda and Michelle and to pass from a satellite where your images are sharper, especially no frame and less advertising that floods the image of the models.
Best regards.
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