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15.10.2008, 18:36

Nina - Discussion & Chat

On Sexysat1. Wonder if she will stay? First impression is very positive.

23.04.2015, 21:39

Re: Nina's return

Heart It's damn great, that she has come back (after so long time) to >Sexy Sat< - one of the sexiest models ever in my opinion. Heart And her body & face is still almost perfect - a fantastic sight. Tongue
After Michelle has left the channel, it's a good news, that Nina returned. Maybe (and hopefully) some other former >Sexy Sat<-girls will come back, hehe. Smile Cool Smile
I'm looking forward to see some nice and hot action from yummy Nina... Blush

24.03.2015, 22:17

Re: Nina - Discussion & Chat

Wow absolutly wonderful. Nina is back on Sexy Sat. This is very cool and hot.In love

20.03.2015, 15:29

Re: Nina - Discussion & Chat

Smile haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Wonderfull Nina, we miss you for so long and now are again with us Thanks Nina we love youHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartThumb up

18.03.2015, 20:07

Re: Nina - Discussion & Chat

Nina has two tatoos in the inside of her arms now. Similar to Viki.

A circle on the right arm and a bigger Picture on the left arm.

18.03.2015, 19:57

Re: Nina - Discussion & Chat

ohhh what a joy, the delicious Nina is back !! Thumb upThumb upThumb upHeart

18.03.2015, 18:02

Re: Nina - Discussion & Chat

the queen is backHeartHeartHeartHeart

18.03.2015, 15:51

Re: Nina - Discussion & Chat

Nina is Back in SexySat ! ...... [Verstecktes Bild - Registrierung notwendig]

[Verstecktes Bild - Registrierung notwendig]

06.01.2015, 01:12

Re: Nina - Discussion & Chat

Does anybody know something about Nina? Is she doing Livecam or something else?

07.09.2014, 21:15

Re: Nina - Discussion & Chat

Yes she has left sexysat a while ago

07.09.2014, 18:09

Re: Nina - Discussion & Chat

Has Nina left Sexysattv

10.06.2014, 18:29

Re: Nina - Discussion & Chat

nina we miss you come back CryCry

25.02.2014, 01:13

Re: Nina - Discussion & Chat

On which cam sites is Nina acting?

Has anyone a Video of her? (Jade_M)
I can't sign in on this website Cry

22.08.2013, 08:47

Re: Nina - Discussion & Chat

Does anyone know, if (and when) Nina will be back again? Confused

07.03.2013, 23:37

Re: Nina - Discussion & Chat

Someone is please so freely nice and tells that He gave her the Heart pillow! Big Grin
It's just CUTE! Big GrinSmileBig GrinSmileBig GrinSmile
And I like to see such things on the couch - a heart pillow to Nina, some candys for Emma - a lovely letter to Naomi... Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
That's great!
And Nina is doing her shows with ALL HER LOVE - specially because she's having that pillow?? Smile
Someone got some infos? Cool