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13.08.2012, 06:09

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

Despite the crappy soft dayshows recently, the web hits for haven't declined much. The website still gets an average of about 4,000 viewers a day, the same as it was getting a few months ago. ([Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig]) I imagine they're not the same viewers as they were, but Sexysat has a big potential audience. I guess viewers stay curious enough to watch the channel for a while.

Also interesting is the distribution of visitors between countries - the top few places are no surprise, but I wasn't expecting Iran to provide 1.8 per cent of web hits! Have the countries in 5th to 8th place even got a phone number to contact Sexysat? I'm under the impression that they haven't. Evidently I've underestimated Sexysat's ability to entertain Smile

Country of origin (since February 23, 2012)
1. Germany 441,109 --- 53.8 %
2. Italy ----- 69,728 --- 8.5 %
3. Austria 46,155 --- 5.6 %
4. France-- 31,890 --- 3.9 %
5. USA ----- 16,664 --- 2.0 %
6. UK ----- 16,590 --- 2.0 %
7. Iran ----- 15,041 --- 1.8 %
8. Turkey 13,328 --- 1.6 %
9. Poland 12,223 --- 1.5 %
10. Spain 10,922 --- 1.3 %

The rest - 146,256 - 17.8 %
Total - 819,918 - 100.0 %

03.08.2012, 18:04

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

has anyone tried the mobile version on adroit or iphone ?
is it works ?

22.07.2012, 08:24

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

The messages are very slow at the moment. Mine have taken about 10 minutes to arrive on the model's screen (and on the Freesexysat website). They were very quick before today.

They don't have hundreds of messages an hour. I wonder if it's a technical error. Or perhaps they wanted to give all messages equal time on the screen, and it hasn't quite worked. EnvyCool TECHNO FAIL LMAO!!1 Thumb upBig GrinHeart

22.07.2012, 02:17

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

Hmm, the free SMS thing won't be free for long. Well, not at night:

'Sexysat (email this weekend) wrote:We note that you tested SMS system and you like it. FREE SMS will be difficult to maintain ...
so we work on option VIP PAID SMS for nigth period and FREE SMS during day ...

It seems logical to me. I mostly see the dayshows - it's been really nice to send the girls filthy messages during the day. I hope they keep it free for a while yet. The trouble is, if you send an SMS that costs money, you expect the girls to respond to it - by showing their breasts, ass, pussy, or by doing what you asked them to do. If they don't, they will disappoint viewers.

Now you can read other viewers' messages too [Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig]. At first, they tried to show the messages on-screen on TV, but they're totally uncensored Smile There was too much opportunity for filthy rule breaking.

21.07.2012, 23:47

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

Please don`t be rude to any of these girls, if you personally like them or not !

20.07.2012, 13:23

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

Sexysat SMS box wrote:- to see the MODEL NUDE just call one of the phone TV numbers -

Well, not during the day, obviously. Angry Don't get overexcited! The rules are the same as ever. But they keep the message there all the time.

19.07.2012, 05:25

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

By the way, a personal request to any idiots... Please don't use the SMS service to be horrible to Naomi. It hasn't happened, but if it did, then Sexysat would probably get rid of the service for everyone.

Of course, there are no idiots on this forum. I haven't seen any nasty comments on here. But I can imagine that some person might do that, thinking it would make a difference. I'm not a fan of Naomi's, so I just ignore her shows.
(Okay, that's enough stupid speculation, sorry guys) Angry

19.07.2012, 02:09

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

wolf1 wrote:On their Website you can since today send free sms to the Models in the Studio.

Yes, this is a nice surprise. It's generous of Sexysat to introduce this for free. Of course, paying customers get the best service from the models, but it's good to have another way of contacting them. I presume the number of messages is unlimited - they might censor the explicit messages during the dayshows.

The bigger news is that Sexysat has bought another camera! Holy shit. Don't break the bank, as they say.

Text messages were a big part of the early UK shows like Babestation (10 years ago), but they aren't nowadays. has a similar online message service that everyone can see, for logged-in members I think.

Ooh... Michelle's on. It should be a few hours of fun. isn't working (it often doesn't), so remember to get VLC media player and try At the moment I'm watching online using the Android link.

15.07.2012, 18:00

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

Jackie88 wrote:It doesn't work! Sad

Just try it again! Smile
For me the livestream works without problems,and it does not matter whether I use Firefox, Opera or IE.

15.07.2012, 17:48

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

It doesn't work! Sad

01.07.2012, 06:52

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

By the way, when the stream on is not working, you can use The streams seem to be run separately from one another.

There's also a slight difference between the Android link (left) and iPhone link (right) – the Android stream is a minute ahead. But it could be useful if you want an action replay, or if you want to see Martina's breasts and ass at the same time. It looks like she's planning an eventful Sunday morning show now, anyway.

[Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig]

22.06.2012, 22:57

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

VLC should work

22.06.2012, 21:51

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

I got the new 'mobile' livestreams to work on a PC. The only problem is: they still have all the onscreen text! I hope Sexysat will change this soon.

To watch the streams, you need to download VLC Media Player from [Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig]. Thankfully, that is able to play either the Android link (RTSP) or the iPod iPhone version (m3u8) from ([Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig]).

When Sexysat emailed me about the €70 subscription, they said there's "no one ready to pay for that". Big Grin So I don't think you have to worry about it. The mobile site was their alternative idea, but they did say it would be free from onscreen graphics. If the logos are still there in a few days I'll email them about it.

22.06.2012, 11:51

Re: SexySat TV Livestream having the boring stuff on my mobile ....
....why should I watch this boring stuff on my mobile ...

BTW : they changed the banner ... so we have proof they can do it ... but it still sucks with these many text on screen .
In fact they had not much changed : some few models ( every day the same faces ) and a creepy layout .
70 Euro / monthly for watching this ? even when they offer hard stuff ... this must be a joke ...

22.06.2012, 10:12

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

Sexysat has added a new livestream, apparently without the onscreen ads or logos. The website is or [Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig] , but I have no idea if it works or not.

It's aimed at iPhone, iPad and Android users, and uses an unusual file extension, .m3u8 (or, on Android, .stream_360p).

I can't get it to work on my PC; is it possible? Sexysat recommended downloading a player from, which raised more questions than it answered. iTunes and WMP didn't play it either.