UK & EU Copyright Law - All you need to know

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17.10.2019, 00:19

UK & EU Copyright Law - All you need to know

Copyright Law

All you need to know - Often those claiming rights of copyright, often do not realise they do not own the content they make claim too. ie FACEBOOK & TWITTER OWN all your content. Often a website will own all content published or streamed on it. If content is openly shared online by the Copyright holder, links to that content may not be covered by Copyright Law.

Its interesting reading for some, maybe.

Sharing or posting a simple web link to pages where
images have been posted publicly online by the
copyright owner is usually not restricted by copyright.

The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled
that internet users should be free to share links to
material, for example photos or videos, providing
the material itself has been published online with the
permission of the rights holder.

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I personally think, for the most, channels and models alike are ok with screen caps and vids aired on TV and, for the most, Web ONLY content. Afterall, it promotes the channels and indeed the models themselves. I think the issue is that of the Premium Rate Cams, and this I totally understand. The models must protect their revenue, so the uploading of such content should not be posted IMO and I think the channels make this quite clear. Where I think the channels could improve on this is to make sure any Premium Rate Cam, when accessed, isn't charging a Premium Rate, to look at a chair with no one sat in it! lol

But, in saying this, even though an infringement of Copyright may not have occurred or, at least, may be open to a legal challenge, I think, if a model requests content to be removed, it is common decency to do so and I am please to see the MODs acting accordingly on this forum. Thumb up

For Sir, his Sugar Puffs are not covered by Copyright Law, you will be pleased to hear, and freely available to any female who wants to share them Tongue lmao
Sir is, however, covered by the Official Sugar Puff Act 1989 lol

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