Animation movies, scenes and Cartoons for adults!

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13.04.2015, 19:50

Animation movies, scenes and Cartoons for adults!


here is the thread for sharing your favorite cartoons / animations. You can post your favorite scenes, series, trailers or full length movies. The only rule here just that the rating of these movies, series and scenes should be minimum R15. So this thread is for the adult materials.

Here is my first recommendations, a must watch cartoon:

Korgoth of Barbaria ( 2006 ) Thumb up
Created by Aaron Springer

Korgoth the stereotyped barbarian warrior should stole 'The Golden Goblin of the Fourth Age' from the horrific magician, whom name is Specules. Korgoth do not want to do this but Gog-Ma-Gogg ( with a trick ) infect him with a deadly parasite. So he had to undertake the mission in exchange for the antidote.
Korgoth start the journey with a group of Gog-Ma-Gogg's henchmen to Specules' castle, picking up a girl and killing several things along the way.

Unfortunatelly there is just a plot, so no more part of this. Cry

Have fun. Smile

01.07.2017, 19:20

Re: Animation movies, scenes and Cartoons for adults!

Resident Evil Vendetta


26.04.2017, 17:54

Re: Animation movies, scenes and Cartoons for adults!

Gantz:O ( 2016 )

Some people wake up in a small room, after their dead, where a mysterious black sphere sends them to a horrid game. In this game they have to face and fight against horrific creatures and they can get points for that.

I have seen the two movie, [Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig] ( 2010 ), [Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig] ( 2011 ) and basically they were good. There is a third movie, [Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig] ( 2011 ) , but i have not seen this before. There is also a anime serie, [Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig] ( 2004 ) , but at this moment i'm not planning to watch that.

14.06.2016, 02:57

Re: Animation movies, scenes and Cartoons for adults!

Deadman Wonderland ( 2011 )

In a sunny, ordinary school day Ganta Igarashi, a young student, look out the window and meditate when a mysterious figure appears in front of the window. The stranger firstly just grinning madly but in next seconds the 'Red Man' massacres Ganta's entire class, but instead of killing him, embeds a red crystal shard in Ganta's chest.
After the bloody massacre the court sentenced him to death and sent him to a special prison, to the Deadman Wonderland. This prison is a looks like a theme park where the convicts compete against each other for money and the paying guests can watch them.
And there is a deeper level of this complex where the stakes are much higher and the competitors are much more brutal.
Deadman Wonderland Opening - Fade - One Reason

Shiro's Lullaby - Woodpecker song ( the voice actress is Kana Hanazawa )

This anime is quite interesting because of the complex connection between the main characters and their different motivation. Every character looks a bit insane and sick sometimes. The decisions of the characters during the whole anime is not always clearly, obviously black( bad ) or white( good ). I loved the complexity of the whole things but unfortunately some reason there is no chance to the second season ( just if someone reboot the whole first season ). This anime is fine but it is just an unfinished story. If you want to know the whole story you have to read the manga version.

17.04.2016, 17:53

Re: Animation movies, scenes and Cartoons for adults!

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress - Official Trailer English Sub

I just randomly found this anime couple of days ago. The whole anime looks a combination of horror and some kind of steampunk. The mood of this anime is somewhat similar as the mood of [Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig] serie, at least for me. All in all it looks promising.

07.03.2016, 18:52

Re: Animation movies, scenes and Cartoons for adults!

One-Punch Man

The story is about a single man, Saitama, who became a hero just for fun, after almost whole 3 years hard training Big Grin. In a day, after a "fight" he "accidentally" acquire a disciple ( despite his will Big Grin, ) Genos, who is a really strong, dutiful, intelligent, kind-hearted cyborg and a true hero. They joining the Hero Association, Saitama as a low ranked hero Big Grin, Genos as a high ranked hero Cool and then their adventures together begin.

I truly loved the first four part of this anime and i found also the 9th part to really great but basically all part was enough good. Unfortunately this anime is too short, the first season is just 12 part.
This anime is perfectly nutty and crazy sometimes but i really enjoyed to watch.

18.02.2016, 21:19

Re: Animation movies, scenes and Cartoons for adults!

It looks promising. Unfortunately the exact release date is unknown as far as i know.

07.01.2016, 23:19

Re: Animation movies, scenes and Cartoons for adults!

Berserk Golden Age Arc I: The Egg of the King aka Beruseruku: Ougon jidai-hen I - Haou no tamago (2012)

I do not saw the serie which is 25 short episode and it made between 1997 and 1998, so i can write just about the 3 longer anime what i saw. Every part more than 1 and half hour long.
The Berserk is a dark fantasy anime based on a same named manga series.
The center of the story is Guts, who is a mercanery. And easy to recognize him on the battlfield because he wield a damn big sword during the fights. He doesn't want to join to any kind of army or group because he likes the freedom. He is basically a rough hearted lonely wolf.
After a huge siege he walking on a field and some bandits attack him. Directly after the bandits also some other people attack him but these are definitely not clumsy bandits. The leader of this group, Griffith, defeats him, therefore later he have to join this group, the name of this group Band of the Hawk. The leader of this group, Griffith, is an intelligent but rather ambitious and ruthless man. Guts will follow all of his order and doesn't matter that it is morally correct or not. Basically Griffith has a really big ambition namely he believe in it that his fate is that he will forge an empire which will spanning all of the continents.
There is an another important person in the story, the right hand of Griffith, and she is Casca. She really hates Guts at first sight. And this feeling is further enhanced when Griffith distinctly deals with a lot Guts.

I can safely recommend the first two part. There are lot of great scene in them. The forest fight scene in the second part between Guts and hundred soldiers is simply unforgettable for me.
The third part is a bit different.

07.01.2016, 23:18

Re: Animation movies, scenes and Cartoons for adults!

Berserk Golden Age Arc II: The Battle for Doldrey aka Beruseruku: Ougon jidai-hen II - dorudorei koryaku ( 2012 )

07.01.2016, 23:17

Re: Animation movies, scenes and Cartoons for adults!

Berserk Golden Age Arc III The Advent aka Beruseruku: Ougon jidai-hen III - Kourin ( 2013 )

Befor the third part:
I had a short but interesting conversation with someone about that which kind of violence is acceptable and which is not in the movies ( for me ).
Sorry for the off topic but I can lighten just with examples what is what i want to say.
Punisher War Zone ( 2008 ) is a good movie. I had no problem with the violence in it. I saw the remake of the movie, I Spit on Your Grave (2010). It was hard to watch the first hour of course, but at the end of the movie the story perfectly resolve the tension what is created by itself. So the movie is fine.
But i'm not a big fun of the movie like Hostel. Sorry guys, i know lot of movie fans likes these movies but i still do not like it.
And now back to the third part of the Berserk.
The third part of this anime not as good like the first two but still watchable. Unfortunately the end of this part is kinda disturbing, at least for me. The anime is not resolve the tension but fucking further strengthen it at the fucking end of the anime Angry.
Anyway, if you liked the first two part then give it a try also with this.

PS.: It seems that an another part is coming in 2016. Hope it will not contains so much CGI as the short trailer suggests:
[Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig]

28.11.2015, 19:17

Re: Animation movies, scenes and Cartoons for adults!

Gungrave (2003)

Mafia and sci-fi combined together has brought forth this enticing adult anime series. A tale of love, betrayal, revenge and lust for vengeance, Gungrave gives new insight into how the real world out there truly is. Harry and Brandon were more like a family rather than just friends, but wealth and power have transformed them into blood enemies.

06.11.2015, 00:01

Re: Animation movies, scenes and Cartoons for adults!

Gangsta aka Gyangusuta

In the streets of Ergastulum, where the people have to live as criminals, two good friend ( however their relationship is bit more complicated, ) Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown trying to survive every day. On a "hard-working weekdays" they are "accidentally liberate" a street hooker who sold herself every day front of their house. Alex Benedetto the beautiful street hooker joining to Nicolas and Worick in their small business.
Before you think this is a perfectly ordinary crime story with killers, thiefs, dirty cops and hookers i have to say that the story is much more complicated because there are lot of "mutant" between the people but maybe the people with some super skills is more exact. And this give some interesting twist to the story.

This anime is maybe not as good like the Samurai Champloo but absolutely worth to watch it. There are lot of beautiful scenes and some good action scenes.

And at last for me the whole 1st season is about the friendship and the sense of duty. Where is the end of the friendship and where is the start of the sense of duty. Every people have a different limitations and thoughts but i think that the friendship sometimes also a bit "duty".

In any case i liked and i hope that this anime will not disappear. Smile

09.09.2015, 20:04

Re: Animation movies, scenes and Cartoons for adults!

Samurai Champloo ( 2004 - 2005 )

Directed by Shinichirō Watanabe
Chief Writer: Shinji Obara
Studio: Manglobe

"Fuu the waitress meets two swordsman, Mugen and Jin, who were burned down the teahouse during a duel, where she work. And after that she lost their job, she "help" to escape them from their execution. Once they're losing a bet against Fuu they promise to help her to find "samurai who smells of sunflowers" ( and they do not kill each other until then)."

This anime is a great combination of the drama, comedy and the history. However there are some damn weird parts where i thought that the creators of this great anime forget to take in their pills / medicine ( or they are used too many Big Grin ).

The point in this anime is not the big battles but the journey of the three character. So sometimes the story is a bit boring but all in all it is a great anime. The characters are really different. Jin is calm as the lake water surface in almost every situation. He is basically an old style samurai. Mugen is like the hurricane and he does everything in instinctively. He is basically a bandit. Fuu is a dutiful, young innocent girl. The difference is so big between the three characters that the interaction between them really funny always. I do not regret that i watched it.

And as usually try to watch the original dubbed version with subtitle, because it is much better than the English dubbed:
[Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig]

03.08.2015, 19:48

Re: Animation movies, scenes and Cartoons for adults!

Smile Smile

A very funny scene of one of my cartoons Big Grin

Ice Age

Ice Age 4


03.08.2015, 19:24

Re: Animation movies, scenes and Cartoons for adults!


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