Frustrating days for liveshow fans

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08.06.2008, 18:10

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

So even ETV finally reacted and completely tamed down their daytime shows (probably because of the CSA warning for several Hotbird channels). This means that you can strike through the HOT from Hotbird. Seems to me that soon Astra and even the OfCom-supervised Eurobird satellites are going to be the hottest satellites soon. And Hotbird will loose  (or already has lost) its number 1 position for FTA-erotic channels.

I'm really curious about the future. Maybe some other satellite position, independent from CSA, will be used to transmit FTA erotic content (the would be several sat positions available, e.g. Eurobird 9 deg east, Astra on 23.5 deg east)

01.06.2008, 02:31

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

Hey guys, could someone record and share with us, the "Giglian Show" ?  Its going to show on the "Free Channel"  Sky 855, June 5 at 22:00pm.  I won't be able to get to see the show, but would appreciate a recording of it.   From the promo, its supposed to be a "variety show".  With lots of different topics and sexy stripping.  Fully naked too.  Please guys, I can't see the show.  So help me out guys.  Thanks.

27.05.2008, 22:59

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

Astra hotter than Hotbird!!

I could never imagine that this could happen!

Let's hope for a new "relaxation" of the rules...

26.05.2008, 22:52

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

Thanks for the info Mario. That's most probably the reason for the dawn of so many erotic channels on Hotbird. I just checked and noticed that on SexySat 1 Astra Nicol still can get fully naked whereas Isabella just told a caller that he should ask her boss why she can't get naked any longer.

26.05.2008, 22:24

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

This news already publishes it in another post and can to be related to the current situation of the erotic channels in Hotbird 

News extracted from a Spanish portal

Original Link: [Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig]

Translated news: [Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig]

26.05.2008, 22:07

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

[Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig]

Due to this forum in the month of  may 18 channels were closed down.

The hype is over in that business and many guys have become impotent.

Including me. :-D

Now  back to NormalTV. Goodbye etv!

26.05.2008, 22:06

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

For Mostafa , Nothing has changed only the rules (see my previous update) ! this is since the begining of history ....

So please dont sell us the new concept .... Something has changed with TV regulation and all channels have to adhere !! maybe its time that ETV will become a pay channel I think they can succeed (not SSTV) !!!

26.05.2008, 21:31

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

Now it's getting really weird. Even on SexySat 2/3/4 on Hotbird the models must not take of their panties any longer. So far just topless "action". No idea yet if this new rule just concerns the daytime shows, but in about 1h we will know.

25.05.2008, 19:58

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

I think a law imposed by Brussels (European Community) on liveshows and broadcasters.
Example: live 24 Turkey wants to be part of Europe, censorship come and the quality has become very average.
Where then complaints filed by broadcasters string porn

25.05.2008, 14:01

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

The business is in change

In every business is a hype and a falling down. Some years the call in liveshows was a booming marked. Nearly every week a new channel opened their door to make the fast money. As the hype was over there were too much of this channels and one by one closed their doors. Now the time has come that this business is falling down, because this formate are out of date.

You can compare it for example with the automobile industry. One company has a top seller model. But after 5 years this model is out of date and they need a new one with new design and technology. If they don't change is they will die after some years.

The same happen now with in the call in liveshow business. That formate was good for some years, but then the time come to change the format. 

ETV saw the problems with this format since a long time and they changed it. With the result that all old viewers are frustrated and the new ones who like this format call as wild. Nothing is forever , also not the format of a call in liveshow channel. look at them, their phone line are very busy and they are successful. Only with the different that the fans from the old show doesn't like the new format.The days of beautiful girls who show their body nude on TV is gone. It was for many guys here a nice epoch, but this days are gone now. And we should finally accept that this epoch is gone and out of date. And this days will not come back soon. Also I don't understand why so many guys wish a comeback of an exmodel. The time who this models was on air was maybe good, but it was in an old epoch. If a model was 3 years daily with her nude body on air, then time was time enough. Who want see for 10 years the same girl on air ? maybe some fans, but the bigger rest want see new girls and a different format.

I know it is hard to hear for her fans, but a Model like Jaya is out of date. She was many years on air and now the viewers want see new things. So I wonder how a channel like redlips starts a new business with some out of date models. From their body is everything already seen and that many times. The same with the moderators. First they fold the viewers on ETV and now they think that they can start new on redlips and everybody think that they are honest.

The time of the call in liveshows is gone. The business is in change. The old days was nice, but they are over. Maybe in 10 years there is a comeback of these kind of shows

24.05.2008, 21:36

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

More details on SexySat 1 and the better picture quality are the only positiv thing.
I'm a Yvonne - Fan and her shows were good.

22.05.2008, 23:13

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

Sky channel 855 corresponds to "Free Channel". Sometimes hotter shows (although recorded) are broadcasted by that channel: Angela Gritti, Baby Marilin...

Then nudity is not forbidden here, and we can hope in some good news.

22.05.2008, 08:56

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

cobaltblu, you're welcome. What's the channel name of "Sky 855"?

22.05.2008, 07:42

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

Maybe something to checkout is the "Giglian Show" that is going to be shown May 28 on Sky 855.  Then in June the show will be a weekly variety show.  On May 28, the show is to select a co-star for Giglian to have sex with.  More than likely its a woman.  Her variety show will have live sex acts, according to the publicity.  I hope someone will check it out and record the May 28th show and then the subsequent in the States nudity is taboo.  Our television sucks shit.  The best entertainment is on satellite.  So please guys, record this show and make it available to us who suffer from where we live.  No adult satellite feeds reach this dark section of the erotic world...unless you pay to watch.  And what fun is that?

21.05.2008, 18:59

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

Yeah I totally agree. Nicol hot again, but no zooms at all. The camera angle on SexySat 1 is total crap as well, as soon as the model zooms you can't see the bed anymore because of the huge phonenumber banner on the bottom of the screen. They use any trick to censor the shows. And on SexySat 2/3/4 there's automatic censorship due to the neverending green & violet artefacts at the bottom.