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19.11.2007, 19:38

Full X 4 Free

info: [hidden link - please register]

Full X 4 Free has left 12577.00MHz, pol.H (DVB-S SID:8106 PID:1206/1306), it is no longer transmitted by satellite in Europe (Ku Band)

21.11.2007, 19:52

Re: Full X 4 Free

Hi Mike, first of all thanks for the info. As you can see there are quite few (to be exact, 2) posts about FullX4Free/ALLOVE-TV, so I think it's quite urgent to do some changes.

Improvements would be a better resolution and bitrate, fullscreen liveshows and less phonenumbers on the screen. The webcam quality of the shows is really bad, probably the worst quality of all liveshow channels available on Hotbird.

I'm looking forward to watch an improved FullX4Free/ALLOVE TV in the future.

21.11.2007, 19:00

Re: Full X 4 Free


In fact this channel is replaced by ALLOVE TV :



Xp: 83

Freq: 12360

Polar: H

Symbol rate: 27500

PID video: 4181

PID audio: 4182

Feel free to contact us for questions or comment.

We will try to do better and better.

Bye; [hidden link - please register]

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