What do you remember ETV?

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04.01.2017, 19:33

What do you remember ETV?

A forum member wrote to me:
Hi, I have always seen the very good shows in the TV from ETV.But now i don`t watch the shows of the website from ETV. The most beautiful ladys have leave the ETV.So ETV is dead.I`m very happy that i have the most beautiful ETV TV shows on my harddisks from 2006 - 2016 with the beautiful ladys ever.So I can look the good old days beautiful shows in former times of ETV.


I answered to him:
i just remember that times in 2007 when i was out of town for work without sat receiver... Big Grin... but every weekend i was at home, beer sat and hard cock.. so amazing! Near the end of 2007 i found a girl with same taste...lol.. every fucking weekend with beer joints sat girl(a real girl) .. and hard cock!
After 10 years i only say thank God to saved me... no etv, no beers, no joints, no girls, no cock!
Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Unfortunately his mailbox was full and he never received the message...

Why not share our life experiences while we watched their shows?
In 2007 I also thought of installing a satellite dish in the car... you had the same crazy idea?

13.04.2017, 11:05

Re: What do you remember ETV?

I did it before this step.
And while it would be so easy.
New, attractive girls who are also to your profession.
A good camera work.
A bright Studio.
And a direction, which is also the name of Eurotic TV.
If all fails only on the money, I can't change it for

13.04.2017, 08:56

Re: What do you remember ETV?

A little cliché though, but I remember good times and I well remember bad times when all went down the drain, with the
introduction of the internet shows.

Today I spent my last credits, and just to get ridd of them for some randomly picked videos in the video and matrix section of the ETV website.

Soon ETV, and all that was attached to that, will disappear from my memory, freeing up space for fresh, new and in all likeliness better memories to fill the ample space with.

So, gladly this is the final farewell to ETV and the BS it became and it is now.

I will stick around, but definitely will keep my eyes and fingers off the ETV section.

Thanks for reading.

13.02.2017, 20:45

Re: What do you remember ETV?

ETV will forever remain in my heart. 2009 - 2014 were the best years for me (especially some of the girls). We loved them. Thank for they were with us.

06.01.2017, 22:41

Re: What do you remember ETV?

Well, with me there was nothing really crazy.
I accidentally found ETV when changing the satellite dish and recveivers from analog to digital at my parents home in 2008, but I'm not allowed install a dish at my apartment, so I could only watch ETV when I was visitng my parents home.
But in 2010 I found the Selfsat H10, a small rectangular flat antenna which I just attached to a stand on my balcony, since then I could watch also at home.
As I have a normal job I only watched the night shows from 23:00 to ~00:00 o'clock during the week, on the weekends when I wasn't out with friends also longer.
Later I started recording and making videos of my favorite girls.
I never talked to the girls, only sent a few SMS. I'm not interested in telephone sex, and just talking and kidding around with some nice girls I have for free at work, no need to pay 2 Euro per minute (OK, most of my female colleagues are not that beautiful like the girls at ETV, but for just talking and making jokes that doesn't really matter).
And in case of Tia who was one of my absolute favorites to watch I doubt we would have got "friends", so I only sent a few SMS for wishes.

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