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24.12.2007, 12:12

SexySat TV - General Discussion

Hallo, first of everything Merry Chmas to everybody there!!

I wrote a letter to Faher Noel for having new Girls next year...the truth is that Father Noel does not exist therefore nothing new on the orizon...

Than may I ask something easyer to Alex Dreika? "A new Official Web site": there are still Athina, Cherrie, Isabella, Ivy, Jane, Mabella, Stacy pictures and....reading the Web Site "OFFICIAL" we know they are still working for SSAT every day!!

Incredidible:old everything there... the web site too.

Whishes one more to everybody!!!

07.05.2016, 20:04

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Is this really that there is a new model called karima

02.05.2016, 23:31

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Recently, I heard the girls speaking:
"Be it up and running, or it be closed (broadcasting)"
And now I see that it are tested start up... (Today Isa, Vicki, Nina ...)
When they do not render the any change...Thumb down
We will see...

04.04.2016, 13:07

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Today again free PORN on the channel from 12 to 13 (italian hour): Frank often showes free (it already happened on 12/24/2015 and 04/01/2016!). Does it make so deliberately or wrong coding? Tongue

02.04.2016, 20:50

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Somehow it is simply amazing that this channel still exists. You have to pay satellite fees etc., but they still go on and on...

02.04.2016, 15:32

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

I wil not porn Thumb down I wil the Models from the old time!!!!!

02.04.2016, 11:24

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Last night free porn on the channel as happened long ago! Thumb up

21.03.2016, 19:56

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

....recorded from hp , stream I think .

You have only 3 options : TV, stream www, android .

Maybe android supposed to be HD ...

21.03.2016, 17:33

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Hello, perhaps I expressed myself badly: the videos you can see very well in this Sat Sexy site are taken from TV or from where?

For example:

[hidden link - please register]

21.03.2016, 16:54

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Hello Olmost,

Last year Frank told me he uses 2 equal Sony-HD 16:9 cams in the studio. But I highly doubt that they have a HD output. On many occasions when the vlc is down you are able to watch the different adresses . All of these have _360 or _720 , so I think NO HD .

Best regards


21.03.2016, 14:55

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

How do you look SexySat in hd? On satellite quality it's bad! Where are you going? Blush

28.02.2016, 15:12

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

:)thanks trinestor,for your info and your efforts to make better the showsSmileThumb up

14.02.2016, 04:01

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Thanks mate for your fast and detailed answer.

13.02.2016, 17:13

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion


I will not state any new comments to Sexysat in the near future on the official forum because I think everything is said ..., but I will try to give you the informations you asked for:

From February 2015 to October 2015 I had a real and very good chat to Franck from Sexysat with over 100 e-mails. One of the issues we had talked was SexysatXXX because he wanted to know if the "new" SexysatXXX will be accepted from the viewers. From day 1 I denied that SexysatXXX will have any success. He stated that he needs the money from SexysatXXX to let the "normal" Sexysat stay for free and started his "smartcard-action" and surely for some censorship issues...!

Firstly he wanted to show hc movies and live action XXX ( Dildo & Finger ) with his models from 02:00-17:00 . Well this last not for very long.

Then he stated that he wants to show "real sex with his models" e.g. "Emma and boyfriend" or "Ingrid with a boyfriend" and so on . But mostly all his models are gone and this never hapened. So this was probably just a trap to let me spread this "special" information out to you guys because he wanted to sell more of his cards. Well, I never made this public !

Now I think he uses SexysatXXX from 05:00 to 12:00 to show hc movies in the bad vbr we all have to watch fta. So this might not even worth watching when it will be for free.

The prize for the smartcard is now... EUR 79,00 !

=edited= feb, 14th : the German distibutor wants EUR 79,00 , the homepage still offer the smartcard for EUR 49,90 ... I have no idea what prize is correct...!?

Let me make this clear: Since November I had deleted Sexysat completely from my stb.
He fucked up this channel and he was not even willing to accept several good advices to bring Sexysat back on track. I even gave him a solution for a better picture with the low vbr from under 900kb/sec he is still using. But he did not wanted this. At some point after month even I gave up because I will not waste my time any longer.

So my friend everything is said.

I think Sexysat is dead.

As far as I know ( from his homepage ! ) he had just 4 Models left and these models just did terrible shows ( discussed in a different forum ! ). Well he faces several problems : unmotivated and to few models, the to low vbr, to many text and banners and always having his models always waving this stupid papers ( if they still do this !? ).


13.02.2016, 03:33

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Hey everybody, I have a general question.
As we all know sexy sat is "nearly" dead and so a question came to my mind.
The so called "sexysat xxx" ( I mean this pay TV bullshit ) is on air since a few month now...has anyone on this planet tested it and does it work? I mean I really can't imagine but if really nobody would use it they would also not broadcast anymore..
Have a nice weekend guys Thumb up