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24.12.2007, 12:12

SexySat TV - General Discussion

Hallo, first of everything Merry Chmas to everybody there!!

I wrote a letter to Faher Noel for having new Girls next year...the truth is that Father Noel does not exist therefore nothing new on the orizon...

Than may I ask something easyer to Alex Dreika? "A new Official Web site": there are still Athina, Cherrie, Isabella, Ivy, Jane, Mabella, Stacy pictures and....reading the Web Site "OFFICIAL" we know they are still working for SSAT every day!!

Incredidible:old everything there... the web site too.

Whishes one more to everybody!!!

21.07.2016, 23:59

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

When I write on "" message, I see it in broadcasting.
Is there any website, a forum where we can see other people's posts or replies of models?

21.07.2016, 18:52

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Dear friends,
there is much talk of ETV and don't say anything about what is going by "sexysat tv": the screen, as well as the excessive advertising, was divided in two, the faces of the few remaining models disappear, the channel-screen is one of the worst of Astra, the sharpness of the scenes is severely compromised, those who bought the card Viaccess , which was to be unlimited, is not broadcasting anymore. I wonder how can the viewer put up with this?
Kind regards.

15.07.2016, 16:49

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

What satellite corresponds this link of Sexysat ?

[hidden link - please register]

07.05.2016, 20:04

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Is this really that there is a new model called karima

02.05.2016, 23:31

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Recently, I heard the girls speaking:
"Be it up and running, or it be closed (broadcasting)"
And now I see that it are tested start up... (Today Isa, Vicki, Nina ...)
When they do not render the any change...Thumb down
We will see...

04.04.2016, 13:07

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Today again free PORN on the channel from 12 to 13 (italian hour): Frank often showes free (it already happened on 12/24/2015 and 04/01/2016!). Does it make so deliberately or wrong coding? Tongue

02.04.2016, 20:50

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Somehow it is simply amazing that this channel still exists. You have to pay satellite fees etc., but they still go on and on...

02.04.2016, 15:32

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

I wil not porn Thumb down I wil the Models from the old time!!!!!

02.04.2016, 11:24

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Last night free porn on the channel as happened long ago! Thumb up

21.03.2016, 19:56

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

....recorded from hp , stream I think .

You have only 3 options : TV, stream www, android .

Maybe android supposed to be HD ...

21.03.2016, 17:33

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Hello, perhaps I expressed myself badly: the videos you can see very well in this Sat Sexy site are taken from TV or from where?

For example:

[hidden link - please register]

21.03.2016, 16:54

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Hello Olmost,

Last year Frank told me he uses 2 equal Sony-HD 16:9 cams in the studio. But I highly doubt that they have a HD output. On many occasions when the vlc is down you are able to watch the different adresses . All of these have _360 or _720 , so I think NO HD .

Best regards


21.03.2016, 14:55

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

How do you look SexySat in hd? On satellite quality it's bad! Where are you going? Blush

28.02.2016, 15:12

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

:)thanks trinestor,for your info and your efforts to make better the showsSmileThumb up