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24.12.2007, 12:12

SexySat TV - General Discussion

Hallo, first of everything Merry Chmas to everybody there!!

I wrote a letter to Faher Noel for having new Girls next year...the truth is that Father Noel does not exist therefore nothing new on the orizon...

Than may I ask something easyer to Alex Dreika? "A new Official Web site": there are still Athina, Cherrie, Isabella, Ivy, Jane, Mabella, Stacy pictures and....reading the Web Site "OFFICIAL" we know they are still working for SSAT every day!!

Incredidible:old everything there... the web site too.

Whishes one more to everybody!!!

Yesterday, 20:29

All model night

Wouldn't it be good 1 time soon Isabella Jessica Tina Naomi Nicole Emma Vikki and there other models where to be in bed with each other doing there own thing it could be called Sexysattv gangbang night lol.

30.07.2014, 15:39


All the models look good because they don't have tattoos Smile

14.07.2014, 17:27

Re: Sexysattv/laptop

Connormcp92 wrote:How do I get the app on my laptop a don't want a want the app

Have you looked [hidden link - please register] before?

14.07.2014, 16:12


How do I get the app on my laptop a don't want a want the app

13.07.2014, 13:40

Re: Sexysattv app

iphone is catholic.

12.07.2014, 18:52

Sexysattv app

I've got the app on my HTC phone but I now have a new phone a iPhone 4s and it won't let me download the app

10.07.2014, 02:50

Re: Sex and lesbians

As far as i remember there were a few models who did hardcore videos.
Viki as an example has mad a porn movie for the website public invasion.
None of them has had sex in front of any tv camera, as that is illegal.
I noticed recently that the models are doing real hardcore shows on android app and stream in the hours the channel is blocked for tv.
Hope i could help you a bit

07.07.2014, 17:47

Sex and lesbians

Has there ever been sex on Sexysattv like Isabella or another model had sex with a man on or the app?

Has Isabella or anybody else had lesbian action the app the website

20.06.2014, 00:20

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

a double show (OR LESBIAN SHOW )perfect MISTERY+CYNTHIA

20.06.2014, 00:01

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

great idea! yeah! Thumb up double shows and licking each other and kissing well... Heart but that's always the thing it's about! why don't they do it??? i told a many times i liked the double shows - but the combinations (one xample: earlier in 2012 - vicky and tina) were boring. sorry. but the couples should work together and not just sittin' and picknickin'! Envy
best double shows could do emma with isabella, naomi with former modell vanessa II or... you know?! Big GrinHeartHeartHeartBig Grin

19.06.2014, 18:38

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Yeah I hope that I m wrong but after for me very bad Shows on Android(more Fake than real Dildo and Fingerpenetration and the few real Scenes are boring to) I lost my Hope.

19.06.2014, 18:28

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Sry! But I hope you´re wrong?! It´s time to change something!! Sorry again Wolf1?!Big Grin

Have a nice day!Thumb up

19.06.2014, 18:06

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

I expect nothing it will be a Fail like always.

19.06.2014, 15:00

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

If got a question, can u imagine what sexy sat will do at the first of july. New shows with multiple modell at the same time? Like Eurotic TV? And new cellphone number for cheaper calls. I hope it will be great!! What´s your opinion??Tongue