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24.12.2007, 12:12

SexySat TV - General Discussion

Hallo, first of everything Merry Chmas to everybody there!!

I wrote a letter to Faher Noel for having new Girls next year...the truth is that Father Noel does not exist therefore nothing new on the orizon...

Than may I ask something easyer to Alex Dreika? "A new Official Web site": there are still Athina, Cherrie, Isabella, Ivy, Jane, Mabella, Stacy pictures and....reading the Web Site "OFFICIAL" we know they are still working for SSAT every day!!

Incredidible:old everything there... the web site too.

Whishes one more to everybody!!!

07.09.2016, 22:39

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

dont work

07.09.2016, 22:27

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Dear friends,
what I regret, as Viewer, is no news of what's going on sexysat tv from program administrators, such as ideas for the future? Because they are treated so models? Because the screen divided into two? Because we will hear only the voice of the models that have long since left the program instead of today's models? Because the smartphone advertising and incitement to buy them? The last drops of water in the desert? Please you Admins make known to the many admirers of the program what's going on, we have a right to know.
Kind regards.

07.09.2016, 21:45

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

About 19:40, it looked like this:
[hidden link - please register][hidden link - please register][hidden link - please register]
After was dark ...
And suddenly Isa was in the studio ...
Rather I saw the walls, doors and floors - I do not think that it was at home.

07.09.2016, 20:34

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

lol and now is a prerecordered show wit isabela

07.09.2016, 20:10

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

ok no comment work now but ratio is very bad and have a split channel

07.09.2016, 20:07

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

dont work mb is a pay channel?

07.09.2016, 19:43

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Looks like Isabella is LIve!
Here the Link :[hidden link - please register]

07.09.2016, 16:00

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

The newsticker on "Sexysat Astra" says
"ISABELA LIVE SHOW AT HOME 07/09/2016 20h00 - 00h00 !!!! "
Can we trust this?

29.08.2016, 18:44

Sexy Sat Show

Whats up ! No Show !
Nina and other girls ?

25.08.2016, 22:22

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

if you have news sexysat closed or are on vacation

25.08.2016, 09:40

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Dear Scottishbloke,
for “sexysat tv "I think the story is over, many mistakes of the Administration and many problems that create the Nations with their austere censorship like Italy. The Italian satellite there is nothing more to look at, so many expenses for set-top boxes, antennas etc. go up in smoke. Hotbird and Astra should realize this? ... Now for everything we have to pay, no one remembers that 24 hour per 24 to get internet we pay approximately 400 € per year.
I hope for a better future.
Kind regards.

24.08.2016, 21:41

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Does anyone have any information on what's going with Sexysat, no live shows all week, instead its been on a loop of pre recorded material from the past and now the stream has been completely taken off the air. Has Sexysat finally bitten the dust. Fuck me the channels are dropping like flies now. 2016 is not a good year Sad

15.08.2016, 12:18

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

Hi friends,
can give me someone news about models of sexysat tv, are perhaps on holiday? When we'll have a full screen for all the models of today and those of the recent past? We have a second Rampant TV instead of sexysat? The public wants to see sexysat on tv and decently and not with the monitor split, or on the internet by buying credits. We must be able to write to the models as it does on MFC. I ask my fellow members of the forum of liveshow to make their voices heard and not accept anything that is removed.
Kind regards.

07.08.2016, 21:59

Re: SexySat TV - General Discussion

jarek wrote:Hi!
When I write on "" message, I see it in broadcasting.
Is there any website, a forum where we can see other people's posts or replies of models?

They have added a chat now