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16.12.2011, 18:42

SexySat TV Livestream

Sexysat is now available via livestream. Thumb up

[hidden link - please register]

I hope they don't show that announcement in the middle of the screen all of the time. A crawl at the bottom would be better.

website: [hidden link - please register]

livestream: [hidden link - please register] new link (08/02/12): [hidden link - please register]

03.10.2013, 01:35

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

True dazaman. Tonight stream is horibble

03.10.2013, 01:05

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

The Sexysat stream is shocking tonight and if real dildo action no one would know Confused btw i know its normally bad but its worse than normal Blush

23.09.2013, 05:50

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

Again Freesexysat failed to reach 1,000 viewers on Saturday or Sunday...

[hidden link - please register]

20.09.2013, 01:09

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

Freesexysat has gained a handful of web viewers....

[hidden link - please register]

.... but less than expected. The site is having some technical problems. But the daytime show just changed [hidden link - please register]... and the result is (maybe) 400 viewers more? The web ratings aren't even as good as they were a month ago, though the technical problems weren't as bad a month ago.

Maybe a few extra viewers will come along in the next few days.

12.09.2013, 14:25

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

I don't normally post any stats early before the entire month has elapsed Angry but Freesexysat is losing viewers. The simple reason is, the website won't let everyone load it. Maybe a dildo is jammed in their server, or something. It's not important. But I hope those lost viewers find something good to do in the meantime, and, y'know, forget Sexysat.

[hidden link - please register]

06.09.2013, 13:13

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

xyk-2000 wrote:the image quality of the 80s !!Thumb downSad

Uhhh... NO... in the 80s, TV channels were professional, they paid attention to picture quality and wouldn't have allowed anything near the shitty picture quality of Sexysat. And there were fewer channels, so each channel took more care over its programs.

Even old black and white TV images were usually higher quality than Sexysat's show now. And sometimes the colors were brighter than Sexysat's Confused

Xyk, here's a better comparison: Sexysat has the image quality of 90s web streams. Freesexysat and Mobilesexysat look very 90s, pre-HTML, web 0.0, they are such painfully primitive websites. Fuck them and their webmaster too Smile

04.09.2013, 05:42

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

the image quality of the 80s !!Thumb downSad

04.09.2013, 02:30

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

There's no stream at all just now. Naturally the web hits have taken a big jump, with viewers clicking *refresh*, *refresh*, *refresh*, and hopefully thinking next "maybe I should watch something else".

29.08.2013, 13:20

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

Ratings for Freesexysat [hidden link - please register] [hidden link - please register] - down to 1,300 or 1,400 viewers a day

Ratings for Mobilesexysat [hidden link - please register] [hidden link - please register] - I tried the streams there last week and they weren't working. Not sure if that's a common problem...

27.08.2013, 00:47

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

Aha, so THIS is why the picture quality has been so poor... They're broadcasting with Skype! (Look at the bottom of the screen)

[hidden image - please register]

I don't know if that's true, but it would explain eeeeverything. Or maybe Sexysat's producer was Skyping some different employers and trying to find a new job.

26.08.2013, 12:09

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

Is anyone else's stream having problems? Mine has been very jumpy since yesterday, with constant pauses in video and sound.

It's making me feel jumpy too Confused

07.08.2013, 03:47

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

Ratings for July and early August:

Freesexysat [hidden link - please register] Mobilesexysat [hidden link - please register]

There was an unusual rise in ratings on August the 1th Smile (correction: the 1th of August). At first I thought it was another attack of the fake web hits [hidden link - please register], but it was exactly symmetrical on Mobilesexysat too. So, the viewers were real people!

Tuning in, waiting to see Sexysat's "improvements" Big Grin Facepalm! I know it's cruel to say "the viewers are dumber than Frank". But Frank at least knows that, if he repeats a lie often enough, he'll convince some gullible people, despite his previous dishonesty. The web viewers haven't even realized that yet. They give him an audience, they fuel his lies.

(BACKGROUND: Sexysat spent 3 months promising things it couldn't deliver - nicely summed up by Eigentor [hidden link - please register])

29.06.2013, 06:00

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

Ratings for Freesexysat [hidden link - please register] [hidden link - please register]

Ratings for Mobilesexysat [hidden link - please register] [hidden link - please register]

05.06.2013, 12:54

Re: SexySat TV Livestream

Web ratings for the last month (viewers per day):

[hidden link - please register] Freesexysat [hidden link - please register]

[hidden link - please register] Mobilesexysat [hidden link - please register]

There was another unexplained blip on Saturday June 1st that caused Freesexysat's ratings to rise impossibly high...