Liveshows: ETV and the Forum.

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18.06.2009, 13:56

Liveshows: ETV and the Forum.

I discovered this channel and this forum at their beginnings.
I joined this forum and my behaviour in this forum has always been the same I have in my life: respect and collaboration with other members.It doesn't mean we all must have the same idea, but it's important to debate in a polite way, without assuming to be always right.

For several reasons the life lymph has slowly flown out of this tv.
Someone adfirms that it's only caused by "restricted rules", personally I think that the rules are only a part of the problem.
Imagine a great chef who wants to prepare good foods.He takes care to have a great variety of ingredients of great quality and he takes care that all his tools work properly.
Now suppose that his oven is broken. For a certain period (untill a technician finds a solution) he can't prepare some of his foods, however he has plenty of good ingredients and he knows so many recipes that he has no problem and he can prepare alternative foods that people are happy to eat.

Now imagine the "ETV chef":
look at the girls (beautiful girls:extra-cold, girls having nothing erotic:always present and naked), look at the camerawork ,look at the creativity in the shows: how can "ETV chef" imagine to prepare "good alternative foods" if he is without good ingredients and proper tools ?

The situation, which was already compromised in 2008, has degenerated in 2009.
I'm sorry but I must admit that since then this forum has become very similar to the TV we speaks about: a crap!
Only some of the accusation towards me:

1) To use the "nick" vappiano68 to post a comment and to use the nick simply22 to say "I agree with you vappiano68".
This only because we often have the same ideas.

2) To use an offensive language also when censoring my words.

3) To be a "troublemaker" who wants to ruin the forum, only because I make criticism when I see something I don't like.
And I would remember: I don't want to attack any forum member, maybe it would be a good solution to avoid that persons who join this forum
have in the forum the same "nick" they have when they write sms to ETV.

4) To go off-topic. On the contrary I always pay attention to not go off-topic.
The last demonstration is here:

[hidden link - please register]

This thread was designed to put in evidence some bad behaviours of ETV towards the viewers, starting from a comment of the behaviour of Nikita and Sabrina.
This comment refers to what you can read here:

[hidden link - please register]
16.06.2009, 19:09
17.06.2009, 19:39

However, the thread is called "Sabrina" so, if I had posted my comment in that topic, the board admins would have told me:

"vappiano, you are off-topic and your post has the aim to hijack the topic. It's better you pass some day in the jailhouse."

Then, knowing the rule:
< Do not hijack topics.If you want to say something not covered by the topic then start your own one.>

I have opened a new thread with my comment.
I would remember (and all members can read it) that it is only a comment about ETV behaviours towards viewers, starting from the analysys of the behaviour of two girls.
No speculations! No offensive language! No attacks to any any forum member ! Nothing against the rules !!!

Moreover other posts should have followed the initial post.

But my topic has been closed in 29 minutes (as usual) with another incredible motivation:

< no topics about what other members do! Care about your own problems and not about other members.>

@ board admins:

I have no words !!!
Where are my words about other members ???
<Care about your own problems > ?
So the forum is no more the place to discuss about this TV but it's the place when I have to expose my problems !!!
And if we want to be precise this is also my own problem, because I am an ex-caller and potential caller, and I have the right to understand what kind of behaviour I must expect from people I could give my money!

And at the and the usual threat:

< And please do not even think about starting another discussion, I'm really not in the mood.>

But whom do you think to speak with ? Do you think I'm so stupid to not understand you are just censoring my thoughts ?
If you knew me in my private life and how much respect people have for me, you even would't think to have this behaviour!
And for your information: in Europe we have democracy, so stop with this dictator behaviour !
You have made this forum impossible to frequent for people who want to express some criticism !
Only positive or useless comments are accepted.
For the rest your aim is only to avoid criticism, inventing everyday a new rule, which can be readen nowhere because it doesn't exist and you know that if you write "these rules" people would piss in their pants with laughter!

Where is the respect for a member who spends some of his time to offer to his fellow members some thoughts to debate (members are free to agree or not) and many videos of the best ETV to enjoy ?
Do you think it's the behaviour of a "troublemaker" ?

But finally you have reached your aim: I'm tired of this forum like I'm tired of this TV.
My only regret is that in this forum there are many guys I respect and appreciate,but they have the right to know that if I'll decide to stop posting my comments and my videos and to "delete" me from this forum it's only because
I think this forum is no more indipendent.
And I hope you (board admins) demonstrate to have a bit of courage and to not close this topic (as usually you do) to avoid to see what other members think.

Kind regards to all

04.07.2009, 15:29

Re: Liveshows: ETV and the Forum.

This topic has been closed.

04.07.2009, 13:59

Re: Liveshows: ETV and the Forum.

to all:

First i wanna say that i had in the past the same opinions as Vappiano or others. But now i changed my mind.

ETV won´t change their concept even if they could. I think they earn enough money for themselves and don´t need hot models or other models in the night shows. They have their old models with enough fans who will pay the bills.

And i think they have a script. Look at the day Regina was quite hot but in the nightshows she refuses to strip and shows only a bit and makes strange comments in the microphone. So ETV is full of lying and fooling that we all should never watch them again.

But this is my opinon. When the fans and the haters still wants to discuss over again their shows and concept i don´t have problems about it but for myself i changed my mind and i can live without them. But i is allways funny to read some comments here......

For all german users: You all must only read the sms and must hear the comments of Hans or Amanda. This is more Entertainment as a comedy Serie or Stefan Raab :-)

04.07.2009, 12:05

Re: Liveshows: ETV and the Forum.

I hope the board admins understand that I have to reply to another series of crap.

< I have been reaffirmed that all (and I mean ALL) of vappianos observations are based on a principle lack of knowledge.>

I) Observations about liveshows content

I will be clear; I don't spend my life to study how to hack sat channels.
But I know very well the contents of the channel we speak about, since its beginning.
I noticed a severe decline in every aspect and I don't refer to the "hotness" of the shows. I refer to this:

1)Beauties--->cold ; Not beauties---> always naked.
2)Nightshows -----> always populated by the same "not attractive girls".
3)Complete lack of "erotic creativity".
Look at the the last posts in the "junkyard" and you will see that it's a common opinion !

Now let's compare ETV to a clothes shop. I've never seen in my life a shop where the owner puts in the windows his worst clothes ! Who can be encouraged to enter that shop in that way?
Is this an observation based on lack of knowledge ?

4)Schedule removal.

Now let's compare ETV to a common TV broadcasting films.
I've never seen a channel broadcasting films without tell you what film you can watch and at what time !
Is this an observation based on lack of knowledge ?

Now I thought: it's difficult for a clothes shop and a TV broadcasting films to survive in this way !

Successively I noticed other curiosities ( I'll show you just these, but I have tons...):
[hidden link - please register]
[hidden link - please register]

The same "guy" who sends 2 Vipsmss (20 euro) without requests to the same girl, one in Deutsch, the other in English:

I thought:curious!
Then I saw also a service-communication by ETV team to be showed as Vipsms:
[hidden link - please register]

I thought: very curious! Is this an observation based on lack of knowledge ?

Then I've seen girls acting and speaking to the viewers also when they are without headphone and microphone (video already posted).
I thought: very very curious! Is this an observation based on lack of knowledge ?

Then I thought: probably, even if they broadcast this crap, they survive because :
a)They distribute their "nothing" to a large number of viewers, so they can find some "money for nothing" customers.
b)They can have other incomes : etvcluc,etvcam,alldaycinema,..ecc.

Is this an observation based on lack of knowledge ?
Where is the speculatation on a grand complot ? Bah....


II) "personal life"

The first time I affirmed to be an engineer was here ( but you already know, since you were in couple with the "teacher" also in that thread):
[hidden link - please register]

<I do probably know much more of the way the tv works than you ever will.> (sentence from DB )

Then I answered:

<Maybe in my job the market has some rules, while TV works in a completely different way.....I'm an engineer...>

I never affirmed to be an expert of sat broadcasting or encryption. It's not my job.
I only posted a link to a "product" and I made a translation Italian--->English because I didn't find the review of that product in English.If you know that review is "false", then open a legal action against who published that review or against the producer, if you think it releases false informations.

III)"Rational behaviour" and "pseudo-science".

<I will not, and cannot, get into any discussion with you as a discussion would require a rational behaviour, something you seriously lack.>

Reading with attention my posts you will find difficulty to find an irrational behaviour.

< if any of my employees would show a tendancy for tedious long reports as you do to posting here, he would have been sacked right away.>

If you have engineers as employees you know that an engineer has to be judged for his accuracy.
In my post you can find all the references you need. On the contrary, in your post I don't say anything.
I just see that with the magic word "ALL"
< I have been reaffirmed that all (and I mean ALL) of vappianos observations are based on a principle lack of knowledge.>

you are concise, it's true, but you say nothing, as nothing is the result of your post (according to my "pseudo-science"):

x) < a permanent ban (it would have sufficed if I were the admin!) > : A
y) < I do not shoot as sharp as the sheriff overhere! > : - A
x+y = A+(-A) = 0 ---->nothing (rational sum)

These were my last words on this subject, because the forum has to be a place to share ideas on TV and to defend from false and rude accusations.
And I hope to not see these words deleted.

03.07.2009, 22:09

Re: Liveshows: ETV and the Forum.

No, he was refering to me, and once again I have been reaffirmed that all (and I mean ALL) of vappianos observations are based on a principle lack of knowledge. Sorry, vappiano, this is not an insult, it is a matter of fact!

Everytime something happens, it does not matter what, even if a dove would shit on your head, you find reasons to speculate on a grand complot, and do so in lengthy post trying to impress the rest of us. Well, you do not impress me. Note that even in this thread you managed to speculate on a complot considering the timing of various actions taken by the admins. I rest my case and can only show respect to the admins involved for not taking these allegations as a reason for a permanent ban (it would have sufficed if I were the admin!)

I will not, and cannot, get into any discussion with you as a discussion would require a rational behaviour, something you seriously lack. If I (once) referred to your "personal life" it is only because YOU did so first, stateing (and you did it again in this thread) that you are an engineer. Well, so am I and if any of my employees would show a tendancy for tedious long reports as you do to posting here, he would have been sacked right away.

Long posts only serve not to clarify but to obfuscate.

With respect to your falsitudes: If you seriously want to know anything about encryption systems and satellite TV broadcasting, you are invited to search and find the one board where satellite professionals meet and discuss the latest technology, techniques hacks and ECMs. You will meet me there again cause I'm (one of) the moderator(s) of that board. But don't worry, I do not shoot as sharp as the sheriff overhere!

03.07.2009, 21:23

Re: Liveshows: ETV and the Forum.

I was not referring to umpire

03.07.2009, 21:19

Re: Liveshows: ETV and the Forum.

I'm pragmatic: If the umpire says it's a foul, then it is a foul.
That's what umpires are there for. They decide, and the decission is final, no matter if it is the right decission or not.

03.07.2009, 21:15

Re: Liveshows: ETV and the Forum.

@ HvB

And don't you think the way you and me have found to speak it's better than a way based on false accusations and insults ?
And don't you think it could be also a good service for other forum members if they can have some informations about the TV and its content ?

03.07.2009, 21:01

Re: Liveshows: ETV and the Forum.

I don't wanna play that game, but you are drawing interesting conclusions again.
In April etv has been accused of breaking the Austrian laws by transmitting content not suitable for minors at inappropriate times.
End of April a process to withdraw the license was started.
In mid-May was a public hearing in that matter.
After that the rtr had to come to a judgement in that matter.
As the rules are somewhat relaxed now we may assume that they keep their license and that they will get only a insignificant fine, if any at all. We will know for sure when the judgement is published.
So if adapting to the current situation is lying, than the creationists are right: evolution is a big lie.

03.07.2009, 20:14

Re: Liveshows: ETV and the Forum.


Congratulations. Your latest reply is even longer than the original post. What you totally fail to grasp is that this forum does not exist just for Vappiano to spew out the same over and over and over again. In fact I am sure that more people would post if they were not totally put off by your lengthy drivel.

But let me remind you. The forum's name is 'eurotic Tv/LiveShows' and not 'Why Vappianno is being badly treated again'

I did not see the original post and Mr Pink answered you perfectly. In fact if I had been on duty then I would probably have closed it there and then as there was hardly any discussion about the tv in it. And there is equally little discussion about the tv in this lastest novel.

If you do not want to make me really angry then simply restrict your posts about the tv and not mix them up with your personal grievances.

The topic may be called 'The junkyard' but it still resides in the 'LiveShow' forum so that IS the topic. You decided that your own topic was not good enough for your reply so you started another rant in the 'junkard' and as it did not concern the tv that is why it was deleted. The other topic was also due for closure and that was my first opportunity to do so after reading the posts. I do not spend every waking hour on this site. I do have a life outside the forum.

I will not close this one just now as you will only write an even lengthier post why you are being treated unfairly. But I warn you. This topic does not belong here and if you continue in this vein then the whole topic will not just be closed. It will be deleted.

03.07.2009, 19:37

Re: Liveshows: ETV and the Forum.

@ Kasenit (who was interested)
@ all members

This post will demostrate that this forum has definitively reached ETV level : a crap without any logic rule !
Let's start from the TV:

No more than 1 month ago ETV told that strict "external" rules imposed :

-) No girls' panties during the day
-) No provocative positions during the day
-) No tongueshows during the day
-) No smoking in the studio

During the today morning show we could see:

[hidden link - please register]
[hidden link - please register]
[hidden link - please register]
[hidden link - please register]

Do you think is it possible to believe any words from their mouth ?

Now let's speak about the forum.
Yesterday this thread:

[hidden link - please register]

has ben closed and it was denied to me the possibility to reply.
In fact I posted my reply in the "junkyard" topic, to avoid to ruin the original topic, but my reply was immediately deleted by the sheriff with a "very creative" motivation: the "off-topic".

Unfortunately this "creative motivation" has no sense, because the "off-topic" could be referred only to 2 topics:
1)The "junkyard", and it's impossible to say that something is "off-topic" in the "junkyard" topic...
2)The original topic , which cointains the unfounded falsity to which I had to reply.
In this case the sheriff had to consider to remove also the false and offensive sentences against me:
In fact it was just this "speculation" about me that caused my "polite" reply to this falsity.
If I tell lies, then you have to demonstrate my lies, because I don't accept to be "offended" without motivations.
Moreover those sentences are not only intended to contest my post, but to contest my "scientific knowledge".
Here some examples:
< All you do is pseudo-science.>
< as what you write is utter bullshit ... >
< Vappiano is well trained in the art of pseudo-science. However all should be well aware that there is nothing scientifical about pseudo science.>

This is the second time that the same forum member makes these speculations about my "scientific knowledge" which is the basis of my professional life and which is not the subject of this forum !
But if my reply is off-topic, then is also off-topic the "offensive" sentence to which my reply was referred.
Unfortunately the "offense" is still there, so that everybody can see it, but my answer has been deleted (from the "junkyard") after nearly 10 minutes after I posted.
Moreover, immediately the original topic has been closed.

Then my questions are simple:

1)If the original topic has been closed it means that the last comments (by DB and Ticky) were against the rules.
Why the topic has been closed more than 4 hours after the last post (but board admins read it very long before...) but immediately after my reply ( in the "junkyard") ?
And why these comments (which caused the closing of the topic) are still there ?
3)Where can I buy the "offense licence" some members use ?

The answer to all these questions are in this "recipe" which all members have the right to know :

1)The forum has to be the "mirror" of ETV: crap <------> crap.
2)Members have to accept the "truth" told by the "pseudo-teacher" and "pseudo-expert" (who are in couple...)
who have the licence to tell me that I'm a liar, a fool, "well trained in the art of pseudo-science", with a rudness that I would use only if you touch "something very very close to me..."
But they din't demonstrate absolutely their false insults, with motivations like these:

-) < And if I was even going to attempt to explain them in a language that you may pretend to understand you would still fail the basic test. >
-) < One cannot discuss with someone who does not understand what he is talking about. One cannot argue nonsense with proper arguments because such is the character of nonsense: it is deprived of sense and therefor does not obey to the rules of sense. >

All this to defend what can't be defended: ETV lies !

I'm still laughing about these sentences .....
I know many real "teachers and experts" but I never heard such arrogance sentences by them.

3)Who wants to understand something more about the shows, the rules,... asking the collaboration of other members, has to be "destroyed".
4)Only useless topics have to survive (i.e. : where is a certain model ? ).Other topics have to be censored (like ETV).
But censorship is of 2 kinds:
a)Direct: the board admins close your topic with "some motivations".
b)Indirect: with the help of some members with "magic powers", who ruin your topic with falsity, hijacking the thread. It's a simple strategy.

At this point we have not to be surprised about the crap of this forum !
It's a crap forum for a crap channel.

@ board admins:

This time there is absolutely no reason to delete this post or close this thread:
the aim is not to continue the debate of the closed topic.I will not reply any more.
You know that this is only the truth and you can not find anything against the rules (logic rules) !

Kind regards to all

19.06.2009, 12:27

Re: Liveshows: ETV and the Forum.

@ klemi,kasenit:

Many thanks for having understood and for you support,surely you know that "usual suspects" are the members I appreciate.

@ ThomasLoeber :

I had understood and it's a clear demonstration of what I say:
I remember that many times you (with your previous nick) and me had different opinions and it's normal, because everyone thinks with his own mind.
The most important thing is that we have to respect each other, even when we have different points of view.
In this way it will be easier also to accept other members' criticism.
For example: if I tell a crap and someone insults me, I get angry and I will never understand my fault.
On the contrary if he helps me to reflect in a polite way I will understand.
But non offensive thoughts can't be closed in jail!
Thanks again for your support.
@ Yasmine1 :

Thanks for your advice.
I have understood that my post could be too long but it can be due to the course of study I did:
did you ever open an "Engineering book" ? If not I can tell you that a single page of that could be so complex and hermetic to discourage many students.
The same concepts,in another book, could be explained in 2 or 3 pages, with examples and a simple language, and students can better understand.
Therefore my only aim is to be clear with everyone.
However I assure you and all other members that,if I remain in this forum, I will be more concise.

@ ghostwriter2008:

Many thanks for your opinion (sorry, yesterday I forgot to thank you)
Here I answer about my complain:
1)Did you read how many different kinds of "unfounded accusations" I have received ?
2)Could I know where I can find the "simple rule" I violated in my thread which has been closed in 29 minutes ?
3)Could I know the reason I can't say I don't like the behaviour of a model only because she is the favourite model of a forum member ?
I have nothing against any forum member, but it's not possible I can't say my opinion only because some members fall in love with the girls.
4)You speaks about "attacks against forum members".
Then we have to define what is an attack to a forum member:
If I make some criticism about Nikita, it's only about Nikita ( and not about members who like Nikita ).
But this has been considered a "free attack ".
On the contrary a member made stupid speculations about my value in professional life, but I didn't see any "word" by board admins !
It should be the first of the "simple rules" of this forum.
5)Do you know the reason I have been sent in jail ?
Because in a post about Maria our fellow jonas made a criticism about Maria's way of dance.
I answered: it's strange to find boring Maria's way of dance and, at the same time, to appreciate Nikita's way of dance !
6)Do you know the reasons I have been called "troublemaker" ?
Because I affirmed that in ETV many calls are fakes.
Now look at this video (it's just an example):

[hidden link - please register]

Can you tell me, please, to whom Agie is speaking without headphone and microphone ?

Another reason I have been accused to be a troublemaker is that I thought, being many calls and SMSs fakes, ETV had other activities.They told me it was only my imagination and my speculation.
Now everyone can see their advertisment for etvcams,...etc etc.

I could continue but I think it's enough.
I have nothing against any member, nothing against Mr. Pink and Old Grizzly and nothing against this TV if their behaviours are correct !
I just claim the right to say what I think (without being offensive) without seeing always they shut my mouth.
That's all.

@ all of you: have a good day.

19.06.2009, 11:39

Re: Liveshows: ETV and the Forum.

Vappiano, You are alright some of your words are correct the only problem is your lengthy updates ... Believe me you can pass your message along with few sentences ,,, you should not compose your posts like you are addressing the "International Court of Justice". You are correct saying that this forum is censored and sometimes I suspect is too connected to ETV but you and me and others are guests here and we have to abide to the rules imposed.

19.06.2009, 09:30

Re: Liveshows: ETV and the Forum.

Vappiano 68

I joined this Forum last year. My first nick was Counterstrike, but this nick is dead since Old Grizzly banned me.

To Mr. Pink: As a Board Admin you should be fair but you are very serious, strick and a dictator like Old Grizzly. Mauro please come back.

18.06.2009, 23:52

Re: Liveshows: ETV and the Forum.

My dear Vappiano, count me also to the "usual suspects" ;-)

Yes, I'm really fed up whit what has become of this forum. When I saw the reaction of Mr.Pink to your contribution yesterday, I was flabbergasted to say the least, and I had to read it again, trying in vain to find out the offending words. Enough said, Klemi in his post expressed it better than I can. This forum has developed into a censored mess which even surpasses the ETV censorship.