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24.03.2008, 00:26

The nightshow - Nikita and Sabrina Show

Hi everyone,

i mentionend something until 22,00. First there are six nice girls and a nice new one. She don´t show to much, but this ok. Then we have Hera and Terra. They are the Cold Girls and we have really nice Tessa who shows a lot. She is a little bit underrated but his is in the eyes of the beholder.

+What i wanna say. There are a lots of SMS there and i think 90 percent are for Nikita and SAbrina. I doon´t see any SMS for Hera or Terra. Some ones for Tessa and the new one.

I think they don´t need the other four Models because Nikita and Sabrina have so much Fans that they can alone earn the money for the channel tonight. I mean why should anyone send any SMS for Hera? She didn´t showed anything until she startet there. Or why should they send something for Terra. She is a dancer and should go back to the disco if she didn´t want to go more erotic.

And why should i send something for the new one? They are soo stupid they can´t us explain her name. Is her name Foxy, Roxy or Oxy or the Pope?? If i had a new girl i would tell whole europe what is her name, what does she do and show. And she isn´t bad at all. She will show more i think.

But what i didn´t like is that Nikita talks so much..... She answers every SMS in german. Every SMS....

That´s all for now. I am going to sleep.

Good night Europe


22.04.2008, 19:51

Re: The nightshow - Nikita and Sabrina Show

Nikita and Sabrina and the other girls (and male moderators)have my respect also because they try to do there best when they speak German,and we must understand that it is not easy for some of them ,so respect and sympathie for all of them for tryïng ! And it's always nice to hear somebody (in this case Nikita ) speak in a language that  we can  understand (wel the most of us ).

Kind Regards


(the three musketeers-the red/white shark)

22.04.2008, 09:05

Re: The nightshow - Nikita and Sabrina Show

I´ve no problems with her german, I appreciate it, because all the people say German is a difficult language (compared to other languages I learned, like English, French, Spanish, Latin and Arabic). So my deepest respect to all of them who speak german (like Nikita etc.) and because of them it´s possible that we understand ETV, too.

Best regards,

al-qatari (the three musketeers - the arabic-german musketeer)

22.04.2008, 08:36

Re: The nightshow - Nikita and Sabrina Show

But she speaks such broken German .....

22.04.2008, 07:58

Re: The nightshow - Nikita and Sabrina Show

Spirit was not underrated in the show. She was shown much more than she did get sms,  she was preferred by the camera man, because she is a new model.O.k! And if Nikita and Sabrina get 90 % of the sms and because of that 90% of the showtime, that`s not because eurotic preferred them, but because they are so good!!!! And if Nikita talks so much in german language: Eurotic TV is not an italian channel! There are enough other erotic channels, in which the models speak only italian, but there is no other free erotic channel with models who speak german language!

I were disappointed, if Nikita would not answer to my sms!

21.04.2008, 19:42

Re: The nightshow - Nikita and Sabrina Show

i must say to Markus76 you are right ,,but i think it's more a problem from the camera person ,and not the fauld of the girls ,in this case Sabrina and Nikita ,they are nice lookin' girls but like i said in the "hot topic" there are more than one(two) girls in the show . ! Oke they are the "stars" but they also must show respect for the other girls ,like spirit.

Kind Regards !


(the three musketeers-the red/white shark)

21.04.2008, 18:48

Re: The nightshow - Nikita and Sabrina Show

SAbrina and Nikitashow is back.

90 Percent Focus on them and only 5 Percent for Sandra and the Rest for Naliny and Hera who needs them??

And sometimes a really nice Spirit gets a second from the camera man. This time is better to watch ETV 2. It is bustyshow with Malena, Alexa and Surprise a realy nice and charming Joanna. She grew up very well. I really like Spirit and i hope she can have another show on ETV 1 without these two "Stars"

And for Joanna. How far she would go? What do you think?


25.03.2008, 19:12

Re: The nightshow - Nikita and Sabrina Show

First of all I agree with Jonas. If a guy gives 10 euros for an sms, he deserves an answer or if he had a wish for the striptease, he should get it, because it is expensive anyway. And that is it.

But this answering the sms has also other bad point, in which eurotic tv makes a big mistake. They interrupt these shows in the middle; I mean someone makes a wish, sends a vip sms for ten euros, a girl starts stripping, some other guy sends another sms, and they stop this striptease right in the middle and a girl starts talking in micro. This is stupid, and I could use even harder word. This should be stopped immediately. I could agree with marcus. Maybe they should make hmmmm....okey if I would have possibility of 2 channels, I would use etv 2 for maybe 1hour solo shows of girls that are very popular, of course with camera zoom and everything, not the bullshit we get these days. And here on these kind of show a girl could read many sms and answer them. Seems like nikita and some others are too popular for a show in which are 7 girls. It is also not right that we see girls naked for only a few seconds, and then they get again fully dressed. Another thing that would be better with these solo shows. They could also make these themed shows like marcus said. I would put lets say kate and leslie together on etv 2 with good camearguy, and you would get a spectacle. They could get enormous amounts of money this way. Or to put nikita and sabrina together....or if you want Eliza and lace together, but not too often, because these 2 get in the group of special fetish-like-guys. Many possibilities, but on eurotic 1 shows should be more erotic, and first of all more organised...And finally just in one sentence...Can please ultrabarbies violet and nalini stop destroying what is left? Nalini behaves really like she is a supermodel, showing nothing....Violet at least behaves as a normal girl, unfortunately also cold as ice.

Nikita and Sabrina should also stop acting in front of cameras like we are 5 years old. You cant see that kind a behaviour in any channel. And to disagree in only one point with some of you, I think that nikita when dancing looks at least funny; not to say something less nice. Jumping here and there on stage isnt dancing for me. They should learn something on Eurotic/Xstream recorded shows. Unfortunately these girls dont undress, or only behind a special curtain, but the way they are erotic pure 100 %.

25.03.2008, 07:27

Re: The nightshow - Nikita and Sabrina Show

I´ll write only few words: Give them a chance, they have deserved it!


al-qatari (the three musketeers - the arabic/german musketeer)

24.03.2008, 19:58

Re: The nightshow - Nikita and Sabrina Show

They made it again.

The new one Oksy made a nice topless strip. But at the end of the strip a SMS came for Nikita and they send the camera to her to answer the SMS. WHY?

Is this channel called Nikita and Sabrina channel now. Why they don´t respect the new models?

THey should make Themeshows with models. Nikita/Sabrina, Safo/Sunny and so on...... and only them without other models.


24.03.2008, 18:56

Re: The nightshow - Nikita and Sabrina Show

Well Markus you should make a big note in todays calendar cause i agree with you in TWO(!!)points:that the beauty of the etv models is in the eye of the watcher and that Desita should be under the top ten in the model charts.

But the sms: i know it from my two favorites that it isn`t frustrating for them that Nikita and Sabrina(for me both aren`t erotic but that doesn`t mean that they aren`t nice personalitys;i know that i`m an out sider in this point) are getting so many sms. They both know that they have also some fans,like me,even they don`t get so many sms. If i can take me as example: i`m watching every show(if it`s possible for me) with them(ok,now it`s only one remaining for me the other one has left last august) but i write or call only one or two times per month. But they both know that i`m watching only because of them,that i like their performance and that i always support and respect them at their work(without 20 sms per show). There`re trully some other guys out there,who act like me. Btw,my remaining favorite is on the 6th place. And they both answered every vip-sms which was sended by me to them. So i can understand that Jonas"the big Nikita fan" is disappointed about last night at least.

Kind regards


(three musketeers - the green/white shark)

24.03.2008, 17:23

Re: The nightshow - Nikita and Sabrina Show

@ jonas ,first of all ,let me say that i can understand how you must feel when Nikita doesn't answer too the Vip sms all the time , and i feel with you (i mean it) because that's the least that they can do ofcourse ,but deep in my heart i think she always wants too answer you (and i think you know that too) .And i think that Nikita is always happy that you send her a sms (but please be carefull with your money,it's not our business   ofcourse of how you spend your money ,so don't get me wrong)And you are right she diserves to be higher in the charts (i always give her the maximum points) ,like my favorit, but she's doïng bad at the charts because she's on place 23 now and your lovely Nikita is currently on position 9 so,i think you should be a bit happy.And about the sms's for Nikita and also the lovely Sabrina ,héy ,it's not there fould that they get so many sms's ,it's the viewer who send's them (like jonas) so it's maybe frustrating for the other girls ,but that's  the way it is ,because i know when my favorit girl is on the show (you all know who i mean) she always get a lot of sms's and that must be also frustrating  for the other ones,so there's no difference between Nikita ,Sabrina and K*****  ,but i think we should be happy that they get so many of them ,i think that's a sign that you (we )like them alot (and don't care what other might say or think,it's your choice and nobody else ,we (they) must respect that) And about Nikita's german speakin'  (it (s maybe not always perfect how she said it), but héy atleased she try's to do it ,so respect for that also ,and i'm happy that she sometimes speake on the microfone ,it don't have to be the moderator all the time! (it's nice too hear her sometimes like i also like too hear Sabrina ,Kaleya ,and Gia (it's a shame that Gia doesn't speak so mutch ,because i find her voice ,warm and tender also, like  i do from my favorit girl)

So Respect Nikita and Sabrina (and my lovely K***** ) for all the sms's you get !!

Kind Regards


(the red/white shark)-(the three musketeers)

24.03.2008, 11:43

Re: The nightshow - Nikita and Sabrina Show

@ Jonas,

i am really sorry about it. But with the top ten you aren´t right. The only girls with big tits are Malena and Alexa at the first places, but the other ones have smaller one.

It is you point of view if Nikita should get higher in the charts. I mean some girls i really like are Desita and Sugar and they are in lower places behind some Ultrabarbies.

What i say, it is all about the Eye of the Beholder.


24.03.2008, 11:37

Re: The nightshow - Nikita and Sabrina Show

@ jonas, I am very sorry for what happened to you, this is really fooling the viewers. :(

24.03.2008, 11:36

Re: The nightshow - Nikita and Sabrina Show

Sure Nikita & Sabrina are nice models. But I was really disappointed that ETV is flooded with VIPs for these 2 models only. The other models, also the new one, were buried yesterday. A request VIP, a thank you VIP, congrats VIPs. Guys do you have too much money? Spend your money on a nice iPod or something else. Feeding ETV with VIPs to get crappy shows in return ... I will never get some viewers.