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23.03.2011, 21:48

Re: Jessica - Discussion & Chat

Jessica deserve more attention hereThumb up

A really nice and natural model with a sexy bodyIn loveTongue

14.03.2011, 13:25

Re: Jessica - Discussion & Chat

Probably the best in history of ETV.
Even she didn`t show all of her quality.
A beatiful, tall, great body (WOW) real modelIn love

09.03.2011, 21:58

Re: Jessica - Discussion & Chat

Full marks to Jessica for trying to bring a bit of fun into the day shows. While other models look as if they would be happier at a funeral Jessica just keeps smiling and working hard to generate calls. Highlight of the show today was when she switched of the vip message on the hanging screen by mistake. It was funny--she kept saying sorry--but look at the face on Nikita--jeeeezzzzuuusss. She looked liked she was being forced to sit there. Just turn down the sound and watch the models body lanuage and expressions. They just look as if they want to go home. Its sad but Eurotic are lost just now. Another new model trying her best to put some life into a show that the regular models cannot be bothered participating in will soon be gone.

28.02.2011, 08:06

Re: Jessica - Discussion & Chat

I gave up waiting for Brona.she is my new favorite.And I really believe she's more beautiful than Brona.

26.02.2011, 19:59

Re: Jessica - Discussion & Chat

For me Jessyca is the best girl from eurotic tv

20.02.2011, 21:04

Re: Jessica - Discussion & Chat

jesica nıght show pleseeTongueTongueTongueTongue

15.02.2011, 13:15

Re: Jessica - Discussion & Chat

Well, to me absolutely gorgeous model, one of the best looking faces and everything else I believe. Everybody has his own taste and this one is 100% an angel to me...

14.02.2011, 16:53

Re: Jessica - Discussion & Chat

Very nice face, eyesight reminding of a melancholic Nicole, smile in Mashiara style.

14.02.2011, 16:12

Re: Jessica - Discussion & Chat

Quite better without hair "fairings".