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19.04.2008, 14:07

Re: johanna

Joanna early morning 19.04.08

one point Joanna does not do incredibly hot scenes, she is a little bolder than usual - all in good taste.

from ETV1 the requested scene
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7:30 min 768*576 H.264 mp4 94.3 MB

another from ETV2 2 hours later with Malena at the end.
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4:32 min 768*576 H.264 mp4 58.4 MB

I thought she looked prettier in black and yellow.
thank you Joanna, you have made a lot of your fans happy.

18.04.2008, 15:21

Re: johanna

Joanna looking very nice in black and yellow (edits)
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1:51 min 768*576 H.264 mp4 22.4 MB no sound
features a little Gia, Alexa and Malena