New UK Adult TV Petition

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20.08.2011, 02:40

New UK Adult TV Petition

There is a new Government petition website in the UK. Any petition that gets over 100,000 signatures is supposed to be guaranteed a debate in Parliament, ones with less might get debated, but it's not guaranteed.

There's a petition on the site calling for stronger adult tv, or something approaching even-handedness. 18-rated horror/action is allowed at night, why shouldn't 18-rated adult shows be allowed? With perhaps a bit more protection, but not banned like it is now.

If you are UK resident or a British ex-pat why not sign-up?
[Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig]

A verification email will be sent to you. Your vote will be counted when you open the link.

Think it won't make a difference? If I was an MP and 100,000 votes for strong material and just 100 for tame stuff I'd know my duty.


07.09.2014, 23:34

Re: New UK Adult TV Petition

Saw the episode and didnt really register the kiss. Sad thing is the regulator feels it has to investigate no matter how few complain. No wonder broadcasters selfcensor.

28.08.2014, 14:43

Re: New UK Adult TV Petition

The type of people any petition would be up against, either read it and laugh or cry, your choice [Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig] Smile

25.01.2014, 21:17

Re: New UK Adult TV Petition

Bluebird go out of business after basically playing the bad guy routine of treat them mean keep them that producer complete with his strategy has moved to red light central, now they are playing the same role, i dont care what front companies they hide behind its there on your tv as obvious as it seems to work on the same principle as every other channel on your tv and mine everything is agenda based......from pushing the homosexual agenda to the feminist rubbish thats filling up your news channels every night to pushing secularism, anti religion anti family pro capitalist and anti poor and all the while its open season on straight men....the media is now under the control of forces that are basically experimenting with the structures of our society, the strategy is pretty obvious they cant invade with a boots on the ground army so they use whats know as the 5th column which every country on earth has lurking within its society.....the desperate,the idiots, the easily manipulated, the traitors ect ...who are featured and backed up by the media as the new norm .......they are not they are a minority masquerading as the majority.......these poxy channels are a tiny part of the problem, and the only one who has successfully shown how to beat this agenda is vladimir putin.......if you are at all politically astute you will be aware how far europe is being pushed by a mix of this media and the banks with the backing of the i.m.f. to the very furthest of far right politics.......the politicians are in bed with murdoch they set up ofcom to act as protection racket that gets its money through the odd fines its real purpose is to keep the whole monopoly in place and keep the channels goes on in britain also goes on across europe anywhere sky tv operates without the need of ofcom, untill we get politicians who are not for sale it will only get worse.

23.01.2014, 16:49

Re: New UK Adult TV Petition

surfin4 wrote:how handicapped is this .......start a poll on who wants these channels taken off the air and the producers named and shamed so they never get to work in this industry again will break the 100,000 mark with that, instead of blaming ofcom and pretending your laywers the scam is too obvious for the likes of you

There was never going to be more than 1,000 surfin4, but of course most won't sign as its not anon or there would be way more, you seem to have the notion that we are sad lonely people who prey ofcom dies, nope i see it as they find an easy target and then milk it, but not forgetting the freebies the channels give them through anonymous means by complaining that they went 2 mins over in a night show and showed boobies at 5.32 am, to me thats a sad reflection of why the channels are the way they are.

You mentioned in the past that you was a fan of european content at one point, which i think most where, why did they die, was it TV regulator or just the simple fact of no calls.

Theres always been a theory that all channels are connected, which you started if i remember, anyway i can tell you that in a way you are correct as all who work in front of the camera or behind do actually swap channels of course, but not in the way you indicate.

It will always be easier getting 100,000 signatures against something of this nature as even those who would sign it if anon, would sign against just to look like there a normal individual, the previous petition was a dead duck and i think less than half this one got, if someone starts another i would gladly put my name to it as i consider it as freedom to not be a sheep and follow the crowd and do as there told.

The channels have done more damage to themselves in the past through petty complaints as said above, you have your idea of there all a group of idiots trying to dumb down these channels, maybe you are part right as thanks to webcam and pay per minute, you go where the money is and as content less restricted then so do the fans = £ $

23.01.2014, 15:50

Re: New UK Adult TV Petition

how handicapped is this .......start a poll on who wants these channels taken off the air and the producers named and shamed so they never get to work in this industry again will break the 100,000 mark with that, instead of blaming ofcom and pretending your laywers the scam is too obvious for the likes of you

09.09.2012, 03:59

Re: New UK Adult TV Petition

Much overdue reply and thanks to everyone who supported the petition. 816 votes is less than the original target, but actually fantastic bearing in mind many peoples reluctance to be "outed" as a porn fan. One vote for the petition is worth at least 10 against. The petition might be closed but its not dead. The next stage is to start publicising it more widely and pressuring politicians. Heres a scary fact. The total number of complaints against babe channels since Ofcom started is less than the number of votes. Some people think most of those complaints come from the same small group of people. Its easy to avoid the channels - no one should be offended twice. There is plenty of more offensive stuff out there (Piers Morgan?). There are only 2 recorded complaints about children watching the shows and parents can lock the channels. By any measure Ofcoms stance fails the proportionality test. Even worse they impose rules that exceed the recommendations of their own studies. This is not the end.

23.08.2012, 22:36

Re: New UK Adult TV Petition

Firstly to all those who did vote Great Well Done

Secondly All of this confuses me

And not a lot of any of it makes sense

Nearly all the British adult material shown on encoded channels through BSKYB are available either free or on websites
in the hardcore version

Also some of the Phone in sites are web only in a harder version than that on television

Thirdly Nearly every country except UK has some form of hardcore adult viewing satalite channels available
I dont need to cite examples but apart from the dedicated channels many of the regular bouquets have late night hardcore
By example the French show topless or nude mid afternoon on a 10 certificate
Whilst the the Turkish dont mind bodies but mask out all cigarettes
And these are normal tv channels Not dedicated porn channels
After 11PM gmt many of the regular channels show hardcore films

So to my mind the UK should fall in line with european policy after all the channels are encoded

Lastly if you dont like that kind of material you have two choices Either switch off or change channel
As our meercat friends say SIMPLES !!

17.08.2012, 21:02

Re: New UK Adult TV Petition

i'm sad for you guys for not reached 100000 signsCry
i hope in the future things will changeThumb up

17.08.2012, 18:25

Re: New UK Adult TV Petition

With less than 24 hours remaining i'll make my last comment about it now, 812 have added there names which i'm sure all appreciate the time you took to do it, i added mine from the beginning and only took a couple of minutes and considering that amount of time you could not boil a kettle for a cup of tea it kind of shows the rest was more interested in watching and ranting about how dire the shows are for the rest of your life (your choice) and some gave up without even trying saying it will never happen, those people where right as there was more of you Cry

Full respect to all our European members who kept posting in this thread even though they could not add there name, much respect to you Cool

The previous attempt at anything like this generated around 125 names, so with it growing this time it means more people where willing to give it a go and i hope if someone does another more will get behind it again, people have a voice so please use it more effectively by adding your name rather than ranting on a forum as that actually takes more time to do.

So thanks again and i hope eccles will post his final views when the time comes, a special thanks to you mate Smile

17.08.2012, 16:35

Re: New UK Adult TV Petition

812 votes now.
Come on, friends: just 99188 missing in the few remaining hoursCry .

I'm joking, obviously.
Thanks a lot to everyone who gave his contribution Thumb up !

15.08.2012, 04:18

Re: New UK Adult TV Petition

eccles wrote:794 votes, within site of 800. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the success of this and Dazaman in particular for being much more diligent than me in posting updates.

It as now passed that to reach 804 Thumb up

13.08.2012, 02:09

Re: New UK Adult TV Petition

794 votes, within site of 800. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the success of this and Dazaman in particular for being much more diligent than me in posting updates.

12.08.2012, 01:43

Re: New UK Adult TV Petition

With only 6 days remaining the count is up to 782, so thank you to those that went that extra mile to try and change things Smile

24.06.2012, 21:59

Re: New UK Adult TV Petition

I was hoping someone else would of posted this but i can congratulate the 706 people who have added there names in the time of the petition, well done for reaching this number Smile