Frustrating days for liveshow fans

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11.05.2008, 11:15

Frustrating days for liveshow fans

The first half of 2008 tends to be a completely disappointing one for liveshow enthusiasts. At present lots of liveshows have been completely stopped or totally tamed down.

SexySat TV:
The usual faulty picture on SexySat 2/3/4, the same models for years, the only newcomer was this year was cute Carla. And after lots of hot shows from Nicol on SexySat 1 she finaly was told off as well, ending up in SexySat 1 being a quite tame channel again since last week.

Completely stopped live broadcasting, at present just clips and liveshow repeats.

HOT CHILI, Bio TV, Venere TV, S24 and other Italian channels:
Just soft clips or non-erotic content at daytime, mostly liveshow repeats at night, most of them topless-only and censored.

Unwatchable due to small-screen webcam picture and censored as well. At present technical problems, e.g. they show yesterday was stopped after 1 hour because of internet streaming problems.

eUrotic TV:
Crappy as usual, providing a program for foot- and other fetishists only. Psychological advice for lots of addicted viewers urgently needed!

RedLips TV:
Hopefully available soon on satellite, featuring nice former ETV-models like Jaya, Megan, Tamara, ...

Eros Live:
A suprise was promised for April 1st, ended up in an April joke. At present a bunch of soft clips played in a loop.

Sensuality TV/Sixty Nine:
Still tries so sell repeated liveshows from 1 year ago as live.

As you can see, big dark clouds hanging over liveshow entertainment on satellite :-(

14.11.2012, 23:16

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

Maybe nothing new, but last night zapping on tv, I watch some nice stuff (nothing hard) with some zoom on at Teletuscolo, italian channel broadcastin on terrestial; other in Roma sat (satelite). Hope some thing happen and reopen legs.
Best wishes

01.07.2008, 23:25

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

@ Mario,

Nothing new about rules.
this topic has been discussed on this forum.

01.07.2008, 19:43

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

I wonder if Sexysat built their broadcasting equipment with lego?

01.07.2008, 18:38

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

@ Markus76

Sexysat 2 is in color but Sexysat 3 and 4 are in black and white

01.07.2008, 18:13

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

Applause, Applause,

witth this news they can bring back her Satellite to earth because mostly of their channels are Erotic Channels......

Now on Astra where everything was prude you can have now the hottest channels....

And the best thing about is that Sexysat for me at Hotbird is Black and White did their colours gone or is it only with my receiver.

Can you help me?.....

01.07.2008, 14:37

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

Eutelsat wants to finish with the erotic channels in FTA

[Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig]

The news is in Spanish, so you have to use a translator, I must inform you that this site does not allow the copy and paste

And therefore have to use a webtranslator to translate the link

30.06.2008, 23:29

Free Channel

Free Channel is not dead. A copy is still alive, named as "Genius TV" 12538 H.

As usual, just old recorded shows: alive but with some disease...

30.06.2008, 19:37

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

sensuality tv / sixty nine = death
Free Channel = death
Set = death
Etv = soon death

It's really the crisis

19.06.2008, 20:27

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

and one more to this:

i had been downloading the clip of Safo's oohps cause Safo is that type of girl i would never push out of my bed. but when watching the clip i cant find any oohps at all - so whats all the rumble, its lame, soft not even of educational use

come on - you can do better - or i am in the wrong place here

17.06.2008, 16:48

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

i can only agree, the shows are luke. there are some very pretty girls on the show sometime and i know if i am close to them (physically) i would reach out for them and i would not stop because of a camera. i would want them! but here....

do better in future please

11.06.2008, 00:16

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

There is no new rules, the CSA do not censure. It's contrary with the french laws.
Please read (From CSA website)

Le CSA ne censure pas

En France, la loi pose le principe de la liberté de communication. Le CSA ne contrôle donc pas les programmes avant leur diffusion à la télévision. Il ne censure donc jamais un programme et ne demande jamais de coupe dans un programme.

Ce sont donc les chaînes qui choisissent leurs programmes. Ce sont elles qui décident de mettre ou pas un signal sur un programme et qui fixent son horaire de diffusion.

La loi confie cependant au CSA la mission de veiller à la protection des enfants à la télévision et à la radio. Il vérifie donc, après la diffusion du programme, la présence du signal nécessaire et le choix de l’horaire de diffusion et plus généralement le respect des lois, des règlements et des conventions des chaînes.

More if you want about French laws.

Sorry, it's in French, but I can translate if you want

10.06.2008, 23:17

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans


look at Sexysat 1 at Astra now. This is nearly Hardcore and plese ETV stop telling us lies about the new "Strong Rules"

Best regards,


10.06.2008, 23:06

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

Hmmm SexySat TV definitely has a Dutch license: check this article:

[Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig]

10.06.2008, 23:03

Re: Frustrating days for liveshow fans

Hi Mauro,

ALLOVE and SEXYSAT 1 to 4 are French channels.