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29.07.2008, 16:49

Re: The 'last' of Kaleya 10/05/08

Great. This leaves more bandwidth to the rest of us.

29.07.2008, 16:42

Re: The 'last' of Kaleya 10/05/08

Hi it is possible to upload the files to other One Klick File Hoster, for example netload.in or megaupload or rapidshare.de?

RS.com is too slow and without preview pictures I won't download the files in future!

29.07.2008, 16:06

Re: The 'last' of Kaleya 10/05/08

kaleya was time nice

thanks man

29.07.2008, 14:15

The 'last' of Kaleya 10/05/08

Going through some recent recordings and I came across her very last night show.

This is the very last sequence from that show and it was a rather nice ending - we all thought that was her last show but she was to make a guest appearance a few days later and of course there was also Big Sister.

[hidden link - please register]

This show had a really good cast  - one which they can no longer put on - Spirit(gone), Carmen(gone), Viviana(gone),. Only Sabrina and Alexa are left. So here is a short clip with most of that cast, including Kaleya, complete with original music - Benny Benazzi - (until I get my) Satisfaction. Rather apt at present.

[hidden link - please register]

28.07.2008, 18:06

older vids from kaleya

hey guys

I lost big partes of my archives mostly kaleya and jaya vids.

But unfortunatly most vids on this site have been removed from/by rapidshare.

So i want to ask , if its possible that some of you may upload some kaleya vids here ?

thank you ;-)

28.07.2008, 03:47

Re: Kaleya shower show ^^

hey elmo are you able to upload this vid again?

couse its down^^

12.06.2008, 17:48

Kaleya - picture

hello. I downloaded picture Kaleya with eurotic.tv and for unpacking several are photo. Where from is possible download full photo?

14.05.2008, 10:18

Re: Kaleya shower show ^^

thanks for the clip

14.05.2008, 05:25

Re: Kaleya shower show ^^

Thanks Elmo

14.05.2008, 04:58

Re: Kaleya shower show ^^

for her many fans here
Kaleya dance and shower 13.05.08
8:45 min 768*576 H.264 mp4 99.3 MB

13.05.2008, 20:28

Kaleya shower show ^^

hey guys

pls put the recordes on, and pls upload Kaleyas shower show ^^

i think it is one of the hottest show, i have seen on ETV in the last weeks ( okay thats easy^^)

11.05.2008, 01:34

(maybe) kaleyas last show

hey guys

pls could someone record this nightshow , because it is maybe kaleyas last show for a long long time

so pls record it ;)

thank you

13.04.2008, 00:51

Kaleya Nightshow 11and12.April

Hey guys,

I think Kaleya was absolutly wonderful in this 2 nightshows, but i forgot to record them.... =(

so... does anyone of you recorded the shows and has some vids from Kaleya ?

That would be great ;) 

24.03.2008, 15:37

Re: Todays nightshow / kaleya


23.03.2008, 00:33

Todays nightshow / kaleya

hi everyone,
can anyone of you upload some Kaleya vids from todays nightshow or her last shows (a few weeks ago) ?
(for example the show together with alexa)
thanks a lot