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eUrotic TV Astra

Quick Infos

Channel Launch: 2004
Location: Eastern Europe
Picture Quality good
Sound Quality: good
Full Nudity: yes
Explicit Nudity: yes

Eurotic TV started to transmit on 22nd October 2004. Its role was to sell subscriptions for encrypted channels like and Xplus tv. Great quality image and a lot of good looking girls, some of them still working on this channel, made eUrotic TV the first real opponent of SSTV in the liveshow world. On free to air you could watch the soft part of the liveshows while on the encrypted channels you could see the hot parts, with the same girls! For a little while they broadcast even the hot parts on eUrotic but with the camera pointed only on the girls\' faces.

During Summer 2005 eUrotic suddenly changed its status: the end of the partnership with the subscription channels led to the start of the channel more or less as we see it now. They offered 15 hours of liveshow with great quality image and a great atmosphere: unfortunately, the shows were very, very soft even in the middle of the night. It seems that Austrian laws (they have an Austrian licence) didn’t allow more explicit programs: so they only offered topless shows but the results seemed to be very good as the shows were popular.

A second, static camera channel E2 - like the afterhour shows now - was the first 24hours/7days a week liveshow channel on Hotbird, ETV tried to target the German market by beginning to broadcast on Astra too. The attempt to produce different content for German people was aborted and now the signal on Astra and Hotbird is usually the same.

eUrotic began a second channel in November 2005 to offer personal sessions with the model of the day. The show featured usually 2 models on a sofa in a studio next to the main studio. Originally, the music came from the main studio but then they had their own music. It was not possible to hear the girls speaking. There was little activity on this channel from either the girls or the cameraman. The show was extremely soft and generally unerotic, offering occasional topless and pussy rubbing scenes. Very occasionally there were some exceptional moments. Later, a third channel E+ was introduced with just one girl.

On 10/6/2008 ETV reached a new level regarding censorship: since then during the day models are not allowed to show breasts or other intimate details. For a while the day shows included party games in order to try and involve the viewer, but this proved unsuccessful. During the last two years ETV has experimented with these day shows to make them more appealing. For a while they had the clever idea of a half-transparent red curtain (or two), behind which the girls could go topless. Later they could go topless only with back to camera, but even then the inevitable “accidents” meant that they abandoned the idea to avoid clashing with the regulator. In 2010 the day shows succeed thanks to the hiring of some very nice, intelligent, linguistically skilled girls who can generate a rapport with the caller/viewer. During this time the channels E+ and the ETV 2 were closed.

In the early part of 2010 the night shows became a little more relaxed, and the introduction of new models meant a vast improvement in the quality, while the introduction of new sets including a shower and then wet room have added to the atmosphere and the possibilities.  However in 2011 the regulator\'s censorship rules have been observed much more strictly.  Wax. ropes, touching ( in a sexual way) and close-up shots of fully naked girls have been banned.  This has effectively abolished any interaction between the girls.

At the same time, etv closed most of its daytime programming.  One girl (invisible on TV) is in the studio during the morning to take calls while the TV show clips of fully-clothed girls being silly or doing aerobics along with messages promoting dating/meeting phone numbers.  From 1400 two girls sit in the studio in front of a fixed camera, and the only dayshow left begins at 1500.  In order to compensate for the loss of broadcasting time, etv increased the number of models on the dayshow to 6 and to 10 on the nightshow.  2 of these 10 are usually soft models from the dayshows who do an extra 3 hours until 0100.  There has been an effort to improve the quality of the shows by giving them themes or concepts, all of which requires the girls to rehearse.

An innovative recent introduction was During the day the signal was split between Hotbird and Astra, and there was a white curtain with a web camera behind it. Girls went behind this curtain from time to time in order to strip while talking to the callers who paid extra for the privilege. This service was only available on the web and quickly abandoned only to be resurrected at, showing occasional "special" shows dubbed "nightshows during the day".  It was quickly abandoned..  November 2011 saw the inroduction of "Studio Berlin", a two week trial broadcast via the web with native German-speaking porn models complementing the girls in the main studio, again quickly abandoned.

2011 saw considerably increased censorship again, some of it imposed from outside etv\'s control.  It also witnessed the end of all regular themed shows and costumed shows, as well as the introduction of a new forum for "Gold" members who commit to buying call and sms minutes in advacne, but again its promise has not been maintained.

ETV is distinguished from all other channels, both UK and continental in that the girls are very nearly all "next door" types, not professionals.

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eUrotic TV Hotbird


Channel: eUrotic TV Astra
Satellite: Astra 1H, 19.2 ° east
Parameters 10.832 H, SR 22.000, FEC 5/6
Bitrate: 2.6 MBit
Resolution: 720x576 Pixel
Channel: eUrotic TV Hotbird
Satellite: Hotbird 3, 13 ° east
Parameters 11.200 V, SR 27.500, FEC 5/6
Bitrate: 2.4 MBit
Resolution: 544x576 Pixel